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Introducing Our New Faraday Tent

After many months of development, we are happy to announce that we have finally achieved the production of our latest faraday cage tent. We listened to what you loved and hated about our BlocSilver® Shielding Tent previous models and accentuated the love and ditched or fixed the hate.

This portable faraday tent uses the latest version of BlocSilver® EMF shielding fabric for the body and BlocWiFi™ EMF Protection Fabric for the base. This EMF blocking tent is lightweight and compact, weighing less than 2 kilos in its carrying case. It comes with two tent pole arrangements making it simple and easy to put up. Two people can put up or take down in just 5 to 7 minutes. It is stable enough to be a less expensive alternative to a full-framed four-poster EMF bed canopy and mat solution.

What is a Faraday Tent?

faraday cage tent is used as a protective shield against electromagnetic radiation coming from your environment. It uses conductive EMF fabric and therefore needs grounding. The BlocSilver® EMF Shielding Tent comes with a storage bag and a carrying case so you can take it with you easily anywhere you sleep.

Permanent or Portable Faraday Tent

The EMF shielding tent is thoughtfully designed to use on top of the mattress. However, you can also place the mattress inside the tent depending on your preference. Although it is a portable faraday tent, it is stable enough to consider it a less expensive alternative to a full-framed four-poster EMF bed canopy and mat solution.

When you combine this EMF tent with a Blocearth filter it removes low fields, body voltage and dirty electricity from your night-time environment too. Electrosensitives are mobile again and this is why we call it the Freedom EMF Tent. This faraday tent makes hotels and ferries possible again. You can stay or live with relatives whilst they enjoy their Wi-Fi and electrically powered nights. The BlocSilver Freedom EMF Tent really does live up to its name, to bring freedom to travel and sleep back into your life!

Does the Faraday Tent Shield Against 5G?

The BlocSilver® Freedom EMF Tent is made of our latest generation of anti-radiation fabric. Therefore it will protect you against 5G signals immediately. Let us explain why.

There are 3 stages of the 5G rollout presently in most of the world. The first 5G rollout is where we are now, and some industry experts refer to it as 4.1/2G. The frequencies used are not to different from what we have had before with 2G, 3G and 4G, Wi-Fi, smart meters and so on. In other words the anti-radiation material that you chose to protect you from the old technology, will shield the new.

BlocSilver® EMF fabric performs very well against the frequency that the 4.1/2G runs at, which is 3.5 GHz. However, the important thing for you to know if you are investing in EMF protection is if you are going to be shielded against the future rollouts of the 5G technology.

The second rollout of the 5G technology is already taking place in the UK and the US. Because it uses for the first time the millimetre wave, this is the type of 5G that people have been worried about. Nevertheless, we have tested BlocSilver® up to 40 GHz and it still performs really well. Therefore because the second rollout runs at around mid 20’s GHz you should also be covered.

The third 5G rollout coming in the next couple of years runs at 70GHz. However current technology only allows us to test up to 40 GHz. The good news is that we assume by the stability of the wave, that BlocSilver will really work well against that frequency too. Whatsmore, we are confident that by the time it comes we will have an EMF meter to test and prove that.

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