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BlocSilver™ Four-Poster Canopy With Easy-Assemble Frame


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The BlocSilver™ four-poster bed canopy comes complete with an easy to assemble frame that provides 5G protection with up to 36dB of shielding at 40GHz. It is made from breathable fabrics that allow comfortable sleep conditions. It is easy to set up and it does not require hooks or screws. The EMF canopy is perfect for home use but it is also fully portable. You can take the BlocSilver™ Four-Poster EMF Protection canopy with you anywhere, it is ideal for hotel stays and visiting friends or family.


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FREE UK Shipping On Orders Over £150

This EMF protection bed canopy is made from BlocSilver™ Fabric offering 32dB of EMF protection even at 40GHz and creates an optimal shielded sleep environment. This is a really simple to use product that comes with an easy-to-assemble metal frame that does not require screwing into the floor or ceiling. It provides proven 5G Protection while you sleep, wherever you are.

With proven EMF shielding, the BlocSilver™ 4 poster bed canopy with metal frame is perfect for creating a sanctuary for your sleeping environment and detoxing from radiation effects. Relax and keep your body safe from EMF radiation with a 5G shielded fully portable EMF protection bed canopy. Note that BlocSilver™ is conductive, meaning it creates a faraday cage bed when paired with an EMF/RF bed mat so for a full shielding experience you need to buy one of our Bed Mats.

The BlocSilver™ bed canopy EMF protection fabric is manufactured in high-quality standards and it has a two-year warranty subject only to manufacturing defects. The BlocSilver™ bed canopy is available in a wide range of standard sizes.

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Our bed canopies are a high-quality product from our UK-based manufacturing facilities. We are committed to total customer satisfaction and offer a totally unquestioned and free return policy on ALL our EMF protection and detection products. We have been working in EMF protection since 2004 – we know what works and what doesn’t, so you can buy with confidence. If you are not completely satisfied, all you need to do is tell us. Just make sure it’s not damaged, and we will do the rest. We provide a pick-up and full refund at our expense.



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