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What Makes WiFi Radiation in the Home Dangerous to Your Family?

Many of us use a variety of devices that are connected to a Wi-Fi signal to browse the internet and connect with other people. But is Wi-Fi radiation in the home causing damage to you and your family? Concerns are growing that surfing the internet on your favorite devices might actually be the cause of health problems due to Wi-Fi exposure.

Although Wi-Fi contributes a small bit to RF-EMF signals within our environment, some people are worried that Wi-Fi radiation is affecting people in negative ways. Studies done in the past about the biological effects of this type of radiofrequency electromagnetic field were inconsistent with their findings. But demand for newer research and growing health concerns have caused many to rethink if low levels of radiation can cause actual harm.

The rise of the internet and smart home devices is leading to an increase in Wi-Fi radiation. Want to know how can this radiation affect your family? Continue reading our overview on how Wi-Fi radiation in the home may be dangerous.

Wi-Fi Radiation Affecting Fertility

Exposure to different levels of radiation can lead to a number of effects that are detrimental to your health. The World Health Organization predicted that infertility will become the third most serious condition in the 21st century, right after cancer and cardiovascular disease. Fertility in males can happen after prolonged exposure to different kinds of radiation.

A study conducted in Japan in 2018 suggests that Wi-Fi electromagnetic waves can be affecting sperm produced by men. The goal was to see if infertility can be a major issue from being close to a radiofrequency electromagnetic field often.

Males who had exposure to Wi-Fi EMF signals for varying amounts of time saw a drop in their sperm count. After 24 hours, the sperm count of men unshielded from the Wi-Fi signals saw a rise of 23% of sperm affected. Those who were shielded from the signals had less of an effect on their sperm count.

Wi-Fi EMF protection helped protect the sperm of the males who had a Wi-Fi shield. It protected them from some of the harmful effects of the EM waves.

Can You Get Cancer from Wi-Fi Signals?

A study made by the US National Toxicology Program on rats found that prolonged exposure to cell phone radiation can lead to developing things like brain and heart tumors. But is the finding valid enough to apply to humans? Many studies done with animals have been questionable, but provide a good amount of insight from their findings.

The amount of radiation from Wi-Fi exposure is different for many people, so determining the health problems that can arise is somewhat difficult. Many connect to a Wireless Local Area Network often to use devices, but that doesn’t always mean they’re close to a source or remain there all the time. So the likeliness of developing cancer from Wi-Fi signals may vary as well.

In a modern home, is a Wi-Fi router constantly sending out signals and exposing you to harmful radiation? Luckily the answer is no, because routers and devices that connect you to the internet with only transmit about 0.1% of the time. In addition to that, every inch you have between you and your router significantly lowers the amount of radiation you are exposed to.

Other Possible Health Issues

A few other health problems that get brought up in the discussion include cognitive function and heart health. Things like heart tumors and impaired recognition. Most of these claims are inconclusive, despite studies and other experiments with animals suggesting otherwise.

Because of this, it’s not definitive to say whether humans are affected in the same way. However, prolonged exposure to Wi-Fi signals and radiation over an extended period of time could be a possible contributor. 

How to be Safer and Minimize Problems

So what are some best practices or steps you can take to minimize Wi-Fi exposure and avoid health problems? There are a few easy things to keep in mind that are good to implement every day.

Keeping a Wi-Fi router at home far away from you and others is helpful, as well as storing it within an area that is enclosed. Placing it in an area where not many people will linger around or in the place where you sleep. Using a Y-Fry Bag or Router Box will reduce the EMFs emitted from your router massively.

You can also turn off a Wi-Fi router during times when it won’t be in use, such as when you’re sleeping or out of the home.

Minimizing the number of devices in a home that emits RF-EMF can also help lower the risk of developing many health problems that are associated with Wi-Fi exposure. While it’s not completely impossible to stop using Wi-Fi devices, because of work or entertainment, you can minimize it where you’re able to.

Being Safe from Wi-Fi Radiation

By reading through our look at how Wi-Fi radiation can be harmful, you can better understand how to take steps to protect yourself and avoid health problems. Wi-Fi has become a major part of our lives these days, so it’s good to be informed of how it might affect you negatively and what you can do to avoid that.

Want to learn more about EMF radiation and how to shield yourself from exposure? Browse through different products that can provide you with the protection you need from harmful electromagnetic fields. Keep you and your family safe with tested products that provide you with quality EMF protection.

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