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In The Beginning...

EMF Protection was founded by me, Glynn Hughes.

As a former telecoms consultant, I know how to make wireless networks work.

In 2004, I quickly became aware I needed to learn how to make them stop entering homes.

Our Guarantee

Total customer satisfaction. That is our sole purpose.  From our UK-based manufacturing facilities, we source, design and manufacture the highest-quality EMF protection products.

We have been doing this since 2004 – we know what we are doing.So confident are we now that our products offer the best EMF protection money can buy, we offer a totally unquestioned and free return policy on ALL our EMF protection and detection products.

We trust you so you know you can trust us!

Our Mission

We are outspoken against the dangers of EMFs and the seemingly never-ending ability of people to turn a blind eye against this very modern and very real danger.

We are not in this business to make a quick profit selling sketchy products with little credibility. We were founded after I struggled hard to find ways of protecting my daughter way back in 2004. Since then, awareness has started to grow but this has also brought with it its own set of issues.

There are now various products available with very dubious claims attached. That’s why we only sell quality products. Products that have been tested and proven. We use these products every day to help keep our amazing family safe.


Customer Support

UK-based support: 01200 44 77 70