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EMF Clothing

EMF Protective Clothing is an effective method for shielding your body from EMF’s. We have a range of EMF clothing including Hoodies, Tops, T-Shirts, leggings and more. Our clothing range is a great way to protect yourself when you are on the road and maybe more exposed than you would normally be at home. You might have managed to reduce the microwave radiation at your home to a manageable level but as soon as you leave the house you are exposed again, this is where EMF clothing shines as a quick and most importantly mobile method of defence.

What our customers say!

“My wife and I wore these on our recent transatlantic flights that featured Wi-Fi and active phone links, and it was the smoothest, least headachy flight ever. And the customer service from the company is fabulous.”

“This attractive and functional product does guarantee great shielding from cellphones, Wi-Fi, smart meters and other radio frequency signals for the upper body. It is advisable to hand wash this piece of clothing and do not tumble dry or iron it as this would defeat its purpose. Otherwise, enjoy wearing it. The seller is professional and has a friendly manner each time we process a transaction.”

“I just got it and have it on! I love my pants; now I have both. I would like to have another set!”

Top EMF shielding clothing designers!

Our emf shielding clothing products are not the result of a finger in the air guesswork.  We use the best emf shielding fabrics we can find.  We work with great fabric suppliers. Our emf clothing manufacturing facility in Scotland is uniquely equipped to design and develop the best emf shielding clothing.   All of these things combine to ensure we produce what we believe is the best EMF clothing there is.  Our research tells us we offer the best value for money in the emf protective clothing market place.  Please though do your research?  From the top of your heads to the tips of your toes.  It’s what you, our clients feel like inside our emf clothing that counts!