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Our range of EMF Bed Canopies can help you sleep better and feel better! If you have EMF in the form of high-frequency radio waves in your bedroom it will be detrimental to your natural sleep patterns and therefore bad for your health.

EMF Bed Canopies

BlocSilver Pop Up Dome


EMF Bed Canopies

Box Shaped EMF bed canopy


EMF Bed Canopies

Dome Shaped Bed Canopy


How Our EMF Bed Canopies Work

How do they work, well that’s the simple bit, we have a range of radio frequency protection materials. Our materials offer different types of EMF shielding qualities. All our fabrics are tested here at our facility in the UK for efficacy against all and specific wireless technologies. They all have four things in common. They are see through and have good breathability, they contain tried and tested sophisticated technology. Using silver plated yarn to block out the sleep-disturbing microwaves and they are all manufactured into EMF shielding bed enclosures.

If you can’t avoid it, then shield!

Most of the EMF you and I are exposed to, especially in the daytime is unavoidable. Indeed as we inhabit our places of work, education or even worship, we can’t avoid it. We can lessen our exposure with EMF protective clothing in the day. The nighttime is when we are really getting hit by a myriad of environmental pollution from cell phone towers or mobile masts. Then there is the neighbour’s WiFi, smart meters, microwave digital baby monitors, smart appliances. The quickest and easiest way to see if you’re affected is to buy an EMF Radiation Protection Canopy. If you’re not, send it back!
Wire-free technology boom time goes from bottom line to profit margin unabated, with, in most cases not a passing thought to the health effects millions, possibly billions of people are suffering from as a result of the microwave exposure associated with modern technology.

You can try a Radiation Protection EMF Bed Canopy for free.

Yes, you can try an EMF Radiation Protection Canopy for free. If it doesn’t work for you send it back for our no hassle refund. Many of our clients claim these Radio Frequency (RF) reflecting bed shields are life-changing. Again check out the testimonies on our shop for confirmation.
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