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All You Need to Know About BlocSilver® EMF Shielding Fabric

What Is BlocSilver® EMF Shielding Fabric?

BlocSilver® EMF shielding fabric is the bedrock of many of the products that EMF protection limited offers. We brought the first BlocSilver® EMF shielding fabric to market about 5 years ago and we are now marketing our 4th generation of BlocSilver® fabric. Check the shielding report below:

Our BlocSilver® EMF shielding fabric is a light and breathable material that offers EMF shielding for a wide range of applications and we love it so much not only because it is our own brand, but because it provides 5G protection with a maximum 56dB at 900 MHz GSM and a minimum 36dB at 40GHz.

Because we strive to find the best EMF high-frequency shielding product we can, each generation comes with improvements although they all carry the same DNA within them.

With 5G starting to roll out, it is crucial to begin to protect ourselves and our loved ones. This is why my wife Esther and I use the knowledge of over almost 30 years of shielding experience. It is our mission to find the best product in terms of shielding performance and usability, whether is to make a canopy, clothing, window protection, or whatever shielding project you are planning. 

BlocSilver® EMF shielding fabric

Shields Against 5G

With this new generation anti-radiation fabric, the BlocSilver® EMF fabric will protect you against 5G signals immediately. It is breathable, it’s durable, it is washable, it is a quality product that lasts, looks good, feels good, smells good and it does a fantastic job. Among all the products that are out there, BlocSilver® shielding fabric is starting to become the go-to product around the world now.

In terms of price we know that there are cheaper fabrics in the market, but BlocSilver® EMF fabric is worth its price not only for the materials it is made from (80% nylon and 20% double coated silver), but also because we strive to be there for you supporting our product with toxicity reports and a ‘no quibble’ returns policy so you can buy with confidence and feel safe and secure in this EMF world.

You should also be aware of imitations, BlocSilver® EMF fabric can only be purchased here, on Amazon and our only two authorized sellers: bio-energy products and Conscious Spaces.

Different uses of the BlocSilver® EMF Fabric

The BlocSilver® EMF shielding fabric is sewable and applicable for a variety of uses. Therefore this easily adaptable fabric can be cut and sewn to make your own curtains, draperies, clothing items, bedding, folding screens, shielding cabinets, and of course your own bed canopy.

How to Wash BlocSilver® EMF Shielding Fabric

BlocSilver® EMF fabric can last up to 40 washes while still maintaining its shielding properties if washed according to the instructions below. Be aware of the fact that poor water quality will damage the silver in the fabric. In particular Sulphur, high Fluoride, and low pH will react strongly with Silver and destroy conductivity and shielding performance. Test your tap water on a small fabric swatch before washing your fabric or any other garment made of BlocSilver®:

  1. Soak a small fabric swatch in tap water for 1 hour.
  2. Look for colour change in the water or swatch, especially blackening. 
  3. Air-dry the swatch and check for conductivity (by touching an Ohm meter to 2 points on the fabric)
  4. If colour change or loss of conductivity occurs, DO NOT use tap water to wash/rinse your fabric. Use distilled or deionized, reverse osmosis water.


Use Texcare or pH neutral detergent to help protect the Silver in the shielding fabric. Washing will eventually degrade all fabrics with silver fibers and reduce shielding performance. Discoloration over time is normal. Gentle hand wash with cooled boiled water or mineral water, especially in high chlorine areas. You can also use a washing machine on a gentle cycle with cool water.

Do not:

  • Do not iron
  • No bleaching
  • No chemical dry-cleaning
  • The Ultimate Protection Against 5G

The silver content in the latest BlocSilver® fabric generation has been significantly increased, improving its shielding performance, particularly at higher frequencies. To ensure this, BlocSilver® EMF fabric has been tested against 5G and had it tested up to 60GHz when previously most fabrics were only tested up to 10GHz.

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