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Body Voltage

What is it, what are the health effects, and how can we reduce it?

"We need to test the electromagnetic exposure of the sleeping location of the mother during pregnancy and also her working area, if she is working. If the mother is sleeping in strong electromagnetic fields the child will be neurologically abnormal. Within 2 years the child will develop all the signs of autism, neurological dysfunction, hyperactivity, learning disorders and so on." 

Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt

What Is Body Voltage?

Body Voltage is a measurement that many people concerned about EMF radiation use to calculate the electrical pressure that comes from home wiring and the use of electrical devices, such as computers, TVs, household appliances and phone chargers.

In more scientific terms, body voltage refers to the electrical potential difference between a person’s body and the ground or surrounding environment; it is the electrical charge that accumulates on a person’s body surface when exposed to various electrical sources.

High levels of low-frequency fields generated by these objects can result in higher levels of body voltage, which may cause various health effects, such as sleep disturbance or, more concerning, disabilities among young children and babies.

Minimising your body voltage levels is vital to help you, your family and your clients live a healthy life.

What Are The Effects Of High Body Voltage Levels?

The common health concerns linked to increased body voltage include:

  • Disrupted sleep patterns – high body voltage levels can interfere with natural sleep cycles, leading to difficulty falling asleep, frequent waking through the night, and poor sleep quality.
  • Increased stress and anxiety levels – constant low-frequency electromagnetic fields in a person’s environment can contribute to heightened feelings of alertness and unease.
  • Headaches and migraines.
  • Fatigue and lower energy levels.
  • Reduced immune system function – prolonged exposure may weaken the immune system, making the body more susceptible to illnesses.
  • Electro-hypersensitivity (EHS) symptoms – including skin rashes, tingling sensations, dizziness and nausea.
  • Disruption of hormonal balance and the potential impact on the bodily functions regulated by affected hormones.

However, increasing research and scientific studies reveal far more significant effects of high body voltage levels. These include:

  • Cognitive impairments, including difficulties with concentration, memory, and cognitive processing.
  • Cellular disruption – Our cells operate through delicate electrical signals, which may be disrupted by elevated body voltage, thus affecting cellular function and communication.
  • Reproductive health concerns – there are concerns that prolonged exposure to high body voltage levels has the potential to affect reproductive health and fertility in both men and women.

Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt conducted a study in which he found possible links between autism and electromagnetic radiation. This study showed that pregnant women sleeping in a room with high levels of EMF radiation were more likely to give birth to a child with an increased risk of being neurologically impaired. You can read about the study here.

Measuring Body Voltage

Body voltage is measured in ‘millivolts’ (mV) using equipment, such as our body voltage meter.

Here at EMF Protection, we are developing a specialised meter to quickly and easily measure body voltage.

What Is A Safe Level Of Body Voltage?

Generally speaking, levels above 20 millivolts (mV) should always be avoided.

You can probably get away with body voltage during the day, but at night, because your body acts as an antenna in the bed, it can severely disturb your sleep.

However, if you are pregnant, you need to do all you can to reduce your body voltage levels. As discussed above, neglecting to do so may put your child at risk of neurological disorders such as autism.

Read on for quick, simple solutions (including some that won’t cost you a penny) to significantly reduce your body voltage.

How To Reduce Body Voltage Levels

Many methods used to lower body voltage go hand-in-hand with reducing EMF exposure, and by following these steps, you will start sleeping and feeling so much better:

1. Turning Mains Power Off At Night

Turning off the power at night is THE MOST effective way to reduce body voltage AND minimise exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMFs) while you sleep. The reason for that is because any other method means that the quality of your earthing/grounding depends on the quality of the earthing point that you are connecting to. Many electronic devices, appliances, and even Wi-Fi routers continue emitting electromagnetic fields, even when they are not actively in use. By turning off the power in your house, you will ensure no devices or appliances are left on and emitting both high and low-frequency radiation and contributing to your body voltage. Please note: this may not be the best idea for refrigerators and freezers if you live in a hot climate.

2. Grounding/Earthing

Earthing, in simple terms, is connecting to the earth electrically, and you can do this in many different ways, both in and out of doors.

  • Standing on grass, soil or sand with bare feet

The most well-known and simple of ways to earth yourself, this practice allows for the transfer of electrons from the earth’s surface to your body. To reap the benefits, do this daily for at least 30 minutes.

Note: This will only work with bare feet; rubber or plastic soles on most shoes nowadays stop the connection between you and the earth.

  • Earthing mats

Perhaps the most practical way to earth yourself is by using an earthing mat. Made of a conductive material that creates a surface, these enable you to keep connected to the earth and ground yourself, even indoors. 

Earthing mats come with a wire that connects the mat to the ‘earth’ pin on any electrical socket/outlet and then directly to the earth through the copper wiring.

However, if you connect internally to a radiator or an electrical socket, and the earth is of poor quality (you can purchase earth testers to check), it is potentially more dangerous due to dirty electricity that’s jumped from the live and neutral to the electrical earthing system, and therefore by connecting your earthing product you’ve connected yourself to dirty electricity which will do more harm than good. You need to measure your dirty electricity and potentially filter it.

We sell two types of earthing mats – Bed Mats and Earthing Pads.

As the name suggests, you can use a Bed Mat to ground yourself while in bed. Once paired with a grounding kit, you will be connected to the earth, but we recommend you pair this with an emf-shielding canopy to create a Faraday cage. Doing this will reduce body voltage and eliminate high-frequency radiation from cell towers, phone masts, etc. (We have many videos on our YouTube channel explaining the process.)
Our new Earthing Pads/Mats are for use anywhere else. You can connect these mats to the earth pin in any electrical outlet and sit or stand on them for at least 30 minutes a day.

Some everyday suggestions for where to use your earthing pad include:

  • Office: Use the earthing mat under your feet while you work at your desk. You can place it on the floor beneath your chair. Alternatively, you can sit on it while working.
  • Living Room: Lay the earthing mat on the floor in your living room and sit or place your feet on it while watching TV, reading, or relaxing.
  • Study Area: If you have a dedicated study or reading area, place the earthing mat under your chair or cushion to stay grounded while you focus on your tasks.
  • Meditation Space: Create a calming and grounding meditation space by using the earthing mat as a base for your cushion or yoga mat.
  • Kitchen: Place the earthing mat on the floor or under your kitchen table. This can be especially beneficial if you spend a lot of time standing or cooking in the kitchen.
  • Bedside: Keep the earthing mat by your bedside and use it to ground yourself for a few minutes each morning or before bedtime.
  • Travel: Our earthing mats are portable and designed for travel. You can use these mats in hotel rooms or other temporary accommodations to maintain your grounding routine while away from home.

Alternatively and preferably, you should dig a copper stake 10-15ft into the ground, connect an earth wire to it, run it through into the house and connect to the earthing product from that. That would be the cleanest earth and very close to or if not as good as turning off all the power.

Take Action Today – It Is Simple!

Body voltage is a dangerous form of electrical field. It can cause short-term symptoms, such as headaches and fatigue, as well as some serious long-term health effects if not mitigated effectively. 

By following the steps outlined above, you will sleep better, feel more energised, and have a better quality of life. If you are pregnant, doing so will help reduce your baby’s risk of negative health effects and nervous disorders caused by body voltage and EMFs in general. 

You don’t have to change your life, but these small steps will go a long way – try them for yourself today!




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