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EMF Surveys

We have teamed up with Leonard to carry out surveys on our behalf in the UK. Leonard has a degree in Physiology and has been carrying out EMF surveys for the past five years, during which time he has helped many people shield their homes from radiation – with the aim of creating, as far as possible, a ‘radiation-free’ sleeping environment.


He works with experienced builders and will advise the best and most cost effective method of shielding from EMFs and can arrange to carry out the work on your behalf, if that is required.

There are many testimonials in the REVIEW section of his website www.youremfguide.com/reviews and just to quote one: 

I can wholeheartedly recommend Leonard. He organised everything in such an efficient manner. He co-ordinated and supervised the work and then returned to test its effectiveness. He is extremely conscientious and strives to ensure the customer is completely happy with the result

Leonard also offers a support service to assist people to erect and earth their canopy, with Face-Time or a computer telephone call. Please contact Leonard to arrange for this service – see website below.

To arrange a survey please contact Leonard direct, mentioning our website – EMF Protection.co.uk.