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An EMF survey is the most efficient way to begin a shielding project for your home, school, office or any kind of building. Hiring an EMF consultant in the UK will ensure the best outcome from the beginning of the project. Most if not all humans suffer in one form or another from electrosensitivity and need advice from an electromagnetic specialist in order to live a full and healthy life.

If you are looking for electrosensitivity treatment or a solution, the only electrosensitivity cure is EMF mitigation. Beginning with an EMF home inspection you can achieve this and begin to recover with nutrition and other methods. In short, you need the best advice you can get from someone who knows how to shield EMF from a point of view of maximising the people’s health and quality of life who live, work or learn in that building. In other words, you need a jolly good EMF survey engineer.

An EMF surveyor has access to electromagnetic testing equipment and has full knowledge of EMF shielding products available in the UK. At EMF Protection we can get an EMF electrical home inspection engineer to you in most of England, Wales, and Scotland. The rest of the world is possible as well, but the travel element of the cost should be considered before enquiring internationally. Click here to find out how much does an EMF survey cost.

Glynn Hughes

My name is Glynn Hughes I am an electromagnetic specialist and the founder of EMF Protection Limited. I carried out my first EMF survey in 2004. I have worked with every type of individual you can imagine, from Royal families in both Bahrain and Malaysia, through to little old ladies in Sussex and everyone in between.

I retired from carrying out EMF surveys in 2015; over ten years since my first EMF survey in 2004, to oversee the whole business as it grew. However those 10 years’ experience as an actual EMF surveyor and another 6 helping other EMF surveyors and clients find the best EMF shielding solutions, places our company in a unique position to make you and your families lives as EMF minimalised as possible. I have partnered in designing many of the products you might see on this website. This further places all of us here at EMF Protection Limited in a unique position to match our EMF sensitive client with the right path to as full health as possible.

In 2020 I and the team here at EMF Protection Limited struck up a partnership with Leonard Stafford of ‘Your EMF Guide’ and YouTube fame. Leonard sadly passed over in June 2021.  Leonard was extremely knowledgeable and one of the best EMF Health Consultants I have met, we worked together for a short time but I believe we learned a lot from each other. Leonard had set up and was training a team of EMF consultants in the UK to meet our high standards of EMF measurement and mitigation.  Together this team and I will go on, carrying Leonards legacy of professional care for the EMF embattled.  

During an EMF home inspection our consultants will use electromagnetic testing equipment to take a number of radiation readings in different rooms throughout the property. These will include Low Frequency (LF) magnetic and electric field readings, High Frequency (HF) readings both in the air and being absorbed by the body. We also take HF readings with radio frequency (rf) devices – such as a router, smart TV, DECT phone – switched on and then repeat the readings with the rf devices switched off.

These readings give a clear indication of the levels of radiation generated within the property. We then take into account the health and any electrohypersensitive (EHS) symptoms that the people living in the house may have.

Based on this information we will then make recommendations as to the most effective ways of mitigating the effects of the EMFs depending on the radiation levels found and any other symptoms.

Frequently our recommendations will involve turning off  Wi-Fi routers and other RF devices at night. We also recommend preferably hardwiring and switching off the Wi-Fi function. In this way internally generated HF radiation levels are reduced to minimal levels at all times throughout the property.

The most important aspect of mitigating the effects of EMFs is to sleep in a shielded environment. Our bodies recuperate and rejuvenate overnight and being constantly bombarded by EMFs can interfere with this process.

If we find high levels of radiation in the bedroom we are likely to recommend shielding. There are two main ways of creating a shielded low EMF environment. One is to shield the whole bedroom which involves painting all walls and ceiling with shielding paint, laying shielding mesh on the floor and earthing the paint and mesh, as well as placing a shielding fabric on the curtains to shield the windows. The second method is to shield the bed with a shielding canopy. Both methods reduce both HF and LF dramatically.

For more information on EMF shielding, check out our Youtube Channel. And if you want to arrange an EMF survey with one of our electromagnetic specialists, please fill out the information bellow.


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