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What Is EMF Protection & How Can It Help You?

What Is EMF Protection?

EMF Protection is GOOD NEWS in an increasingly wireless world where our Wi-Fi devices and appliances emit different levels of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) or EMF radiation.

Modern life leads to man-made electromagnetic frequency radiation being constantly in our environment. Although most EMFs go unnoticed, scientific evidence suggests this radiation could be affecting our health.

It is, therefore, paramount to understand the need for EMF protection and reduce radiation exposure.

What can we do to reduce EMF radiation exposure?

There are a number of simple EMF reducer practices, such as disconnecting your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth whenever they are not in use and using hardwire connections rather than always relying on wireless connections.

It is also a good idea to keep your mobile phone away from your body whenever you are not using it and avoid prolonged calls that expose your head to constant radiation.

However, those who suffer from electromagnetic sensitivity or hypersensitivity (EMS/EHS) or live surrounded by routers or cell towers need more robust protection from EMF radiation.

EMF protection or EMF shielding is the practice of blocking or reducing electromagnetic waves by creating barriers made of conductive materials.

EMF reducers such as bed canopies, clothing and other accessories can reduce your exposure to radiation. These EMF shield products have an EMF blocker metal, usually silver, woven into the fabric to create a barrier against electromagnetic fields, such as phone signals and Wi-Fi. 

Do EMF Protection products work?

A question we get asked a lot is, do these products really work, and the answer is: “Yes, our products have been tested and proven to shield against EMF radiation.”

Of course you can find products out there with little science to back them up, but at EMF Protection we are committed to offer only products that have personally worked for us.

We’re here to help you and your loved ones PROTECT. Click the button to browse our extensive range of EMF protection products and solutions.