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EMF Blocking Paint

What is EMF Shielding Paint?

Anti-radiation paint or EMF blocking paint is our very own BlocPaint™ anti-EMF/WiFi/RF paint, providing you with the best value and highest-quality EMF-shielding paint we can offer. If you are bombarded with wireless networks, this wireless-shielding blocking paint reduces their presence in the environment you apply it – it’s that simple!

Our EMF paint has been independently tested against its competitors, and it came up best for shielding and usability. BlocPaint™ was designed by a team of international mobile phone radiation protection experts and it is made in the UK by a leading domestic paint manufacturer.

Its performance speaks for itself (see the graph under the main photos). During the independent test, one coat (7.5 sq. m per litre) achieved over 99.9% shielding power reduction for GSM mobile phone radiation, 3G and DECT cordless phones. Unlike many other EMF paint brands, its efficiency didn’t noticeably fade against the modern super-powerful high-frequency WiFi.

BlocPaint Shielding Report

Measuring the Effect

To measure its effectiveness the best way to go is to use an EMF meter and keep painting until the reading in your home is acceptable for your level of sensitivity to wireless radiation. Personally, I like my Acoustimeter to read zero and be silent. That should always be possible with this conductive shielding EMF paint even in the most formidable circumstances. Assuming that is, of course, that your non-paintable surfaces such as windows are sufficiently dealt with.

Finally, remember you should always consult an EMF shielding expert before commencing your project. Someone will be here to guide you through most situations you face. Alternatively, you can organize a full EMF shielding survey should your budget stretch to that.

Applying EMF Shielding Paint

BlocPaint™ is water-based and is best applied with a roller, but unlike its competitors, it can also be brushed on. Remember that BlocPaint™ should always be earthed – it’s simple to do with one of our grounding kits. Full instructions for paint application and earthing are provided.

Wi-Fi Blocking Paint

This paint is a great solution for blocking WiFi signals. Used correctly it can prevent neighbours’ WiFi signals from entering your home whilst also preventing your own from leaving, a great security boost!

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