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About Us

EMF Protection was founded by me, Glynn Hughes. As a former telecoms consultant, I know how to make wireless networks work. In 2004, I quickly became aware I needed to learn how to make them stop entering homes.


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Our story

My name is Glynn Hughes and I am the founder of EMF Protection.

In 2004, after moving from junior to secondary school, my daughter displayed strange symptoms of ill health. After some investigation, I felt able to tie these symptoms to a group of mobile phone antennae on the roof of her new school building. I became quite distressed about this and started a campaign with other concerned parents to have the antennae relocated away from the school and in a safer fashion. There began a strange journey I neither sought nor expected.

The campaign grew in strength and number and before long the media, including TV, picked up on it, in particular on my former profession as a wireless telecoms consultant.

Through my research and the connections I made with significant people in the movement against phone mast installations that don’t take health into consideration, I began to wake up to just how dangerous to health (even in those days of relatively low levels of technology) these microwaves were.

A small local protest website had been built; people who assumed that if I knew how to build wireless networks then I would know how to stop them working started to contact me through this medium. After a speaking engagement at a large anti-mast movement event in London, I became passionate about the cause. I began the journey to becoming one of the go-to people for EMF shielding advice and set about giving people the choice of whether or not they lived with the by-product of wireless technology (high-frequency pulsed non-ionizing microwave radiation) in their homes. So, early in 2005 the business that is now known around the world as EMF Protection was born.

In the fifteen years since then, both my wife and I have spent our working lives investigating every aspect of EMF shielding and protection that we feel is relevant to people’s health and well-being, and we have helped thousands of people achieve ALARA (as low as reasonably achievable) exposure to EMFs.

Below, I list the four distinct forms of EMF in order of importance:

  1. High-frequency EMFs from wireless communications

  2. Dirty electricity

  3. Low-frequency EMFs from electrical wiring and appliances

  4. Geopathic stress

Everything we sell we have tried – if it’s on our site, it works for us, and if it doesn’t work for you we will take it back without question (as long as it’s undamaged by you or unless it is something bespoke and commissioned by you for you), and refund you in full.

Our Mission

We are outspoken against the dangers of EMF’s and the seemingly never-ending ability of people to turn a blind eye against this very modern and very real danger.

We are not in this business to make a quick profit selling sketchy products with little credibility. We were founded after I struggled hard to find ways of protecting my daughter way back in 2004. Since then awareness has started to grow but this has also brought with it its own set of issues. There are now various products available with very dubious claims attached. That’s why we only sell quality products. Products that have been tested and proven. We use these products every day to help keep our amazing family safe.

Our mission bywords are truth, wisdom (from the Hebrew word meaning excellence, righteousness and creativity) and service. If you feel we have let you down in any of these areas, let us know and we will always do everything reasonably possible to put it right. Our aim is your complete satisfaction.


Customer Support

UK-based support: 01200 44 77 70