EMF Blocking Paint

EMF Blocking Paint

What is EMF Shielding Paint? Anti-radiation paint or EMF blocking paint is our very own BlocPaint™ anti-EMF/WiFi/RF paint, providing you with the best value and highest-quality EMF-shielding paint we can offer. If you are bombarded with wireless networks, this wireless-shielding blocking paint reduces their presence in the environment you apply it – it’s that simple! […]

Electrosensitivity: How Does It Affect Me?

What is EMS? Electromagnetic sensitivity is the name given to the condition suffered by people who in varying degrees are made ill by exposure to different EMFs (electromagnetic frequency) radiation coming from electrical devices. It is also commonly known as Wi-Fi allergy or EMF sensitive. The common belief is that unless a wire carrying electricity […]

All You Need to Know About BlocSilver™ EMF Shielding Fabric

BlocSilver™ EMF Shielding Fabric

What Is BlocSilver™ EMF Shielding Fabric? BlocSilver™ is a light and breathable fabric that offers EMF shielding for a wide range of applications and we love it so much not only because it is our own brand, but because it provides 5G protection with a maximum 56dB at 900 MHz GSM and a minimum 36dB at 40GHz. BlocSilver™ […]

The Sleeplessness Epidemic

Sleep Disturbance In this modern world, we contend with many demands and stresses that are impressed upon us by everyday life where we time manage to balance work, rest, and play which makes getting enough sleep vital to recharge our bodies in preparation for the next day. Why so many of us are tired all […]

What Are EMFs?

Electric and magnetic fields – the phrase may conjure up mental images of science fiction movies, but they are very real and a constant presence in our lives, whether we can see them or not. That being said, the public conversation on the matter is surprisingly quiet, with very little discussion on the health effects […]