What Is EMF Clothing and Why Is It a Great Idea?

EMF clothing

With the number of cellphone signals, waves of electricity, and amount of electronic devices ever-increasing all around us, we should be aware of the effects that those invisible radiations are having on our bodies. Protecting your body from those harmful shocks can mean the difference between health and hospitalization.  Are you interested in protecting your […]

Why Your Home Needs an EMF Meter

EMF meter

EMF can be detected throughout your home because of the radiation devices and electric appliances emit. These are devices and appliances that you most likely use every day. While they have made many tasks much easier, the EMF they produce can have a negative effect on our health. You may be wondering how you could detect […]

How to Use EMF Protection to Help Eliminate Insomnia

EMF protection

Did you know that 66% of Americans sleep with their phone next to them at night? Good sleep is crucial for good health. It can be tempting and comforting to sleep with your cell phone, but doing so is increasing EMF in your bedroom, which can be negatively impacting your sleep. There are many ways […]

EMF Filters Guide

Electricity has changed our lives, it is difficult to imagine a world without it but what most of us ignore is that just as it brings convenience, it brings about electromagnetic field pollution in the form of dirty electricity or dirty power. If you’re looking to cut down on dirty power in your home, one […]

Is Bluetooth Dangerous?

bluetooth dangerous

Bluetooth technology is a very convenient way of connecting devices without the need for cables. We cannot deny earbuds and other Bluetooth devices make our life easier. However, we should be aware that the EMF used to transmit signals could be as dangerous as the radiation emitted by your Wi-Fi or microwave oven.  There are […]

How Much Does an EMF Survey Cost?

EMF Survey cost

An EMF survey is performed if you have a rising concern about being exposed to electromagnetic frequency radiation. An EMF home inspection will warn you of potential health problems by showing your house levels of EMF from your electric and wireless devices. Here we will explain some standard EMF survey costs and tips for understanding […]

Do EMF Protection Stickers Work?

EMF stickers

As the message about EMF dangers spreads around the world, the popularity of the products that claim to protect or remove electromagnetic frequencies from a given environment has increased. And as EMF protection experts, we often get asked about the effectiveness of EMF protection stickers and our answer is always the same, it is not […]

Why Should I Consider an EMF Home Inspection?

home inspection

Buying a house is no joke, there are many things you should consider before deciding where you’re going to live. It is a standard practice to request a property audit to check any potential risks or issues that need attention before moving in. Many people in the modern world now, also consider an EMF home […]

Acoustimeter EMF Detector FAQ

Acoustimeter EMF Detector FAQ

The EMFields Acoustimeter AM11 is one of the most popular EMF detectors in the market. The Acoustimeter is easy to use and an incredibly powerful radiofrequency (RF) / microwave detector. In this post, we will try to respond to the most frequently asked questions about this EMF meter. How Big Is the Acoustimeter? The Acoustimeter is […]