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7 Benefits of an EMF Bed Canopy

Over a third of adults suffer from lack of sleep. Many speculate that electric and magnetic fields (EMFs) have a negative impact on sleep quality. These EMFs come from electronic equipment and smartphones. So, EMFs are present everywhere in the modern world. To combat this, an EMF bed canopy can help a person achieve better sleep.

And getting good sleep is important to both mental and physical health. In fact, about 48% of adults in the UK state that poor sleep has had a negative impact on their mental health.

So, if you’re interested in EMF blocking products and want better sleep, consider an EMF bed canopy. Here are seven reasons why you should get an EMF bed canopy:

1. EMF Shielding

If you had an EMF meter, you’d be shocked to see how much of it is present all around you. Smartphones themselves create electromagnetic radiation (EMR).

If you have lots of electronics in your bedroom and also sleep beside your phone, then an EMF bed canopy might be able to help. This type of bed canopy has EMF shields built into it that will protect you from electric and magnetic fields.

2. Provide Privacy

An EMF bed canopy can also help to give you privacy within your bedroom while resting on your bed. If you have loved ones who sometimes enter your bedroom without knocking, a canopy will still help give some measure of privacy to you.

Also, if your room is near a living area with bright lighting, an EMF canopy can help to block that. The next time someone opens the door to your bedroom and lets in light, the EMF canopy will block it out from bothering you.

3. Improved Breathing

An EMF canopy can also help to filter out dust, allergens, and pet hair that might be floating in the air. If you find yourself sneezing often or feeling congested once you get into bed, an EMF bed canopy might be able to help. The thick material will help to block out irritants in the air so that you can rest easier.

Air pollution in the UK has long been an issue. It is one of the largest environmental health threats present. In fact, estimates put outdoor pollutants as contributing toward 40,000 premature deaths each year.

This isn’t counting indoor air pollution. Sources of indoor air pollution include incense, cigarette smoke, cleaning products, and even a wood or coal burner. Air pollution has a negative impact on health, contributing to a variety of health conditions and diseases like lung cancer and asthma.

An EMF bed canopy alone won’t help to improve indoor air quality. However, using it in conjunction with other items could help to improve the air quality you breathe while sleeping.

4. Drapes Over Other Furniture

You don’t have to limit an EMF bed canopy to the bed. You can use this material to drape over other furniture pieces in your home too.

You could even use an EMF bed canopy to help shield a room. You can attach the EMF bed canopy to rods and then hang it in a doorway to help prevent the electric and magnetic waves from entering.

5. Compliments Interior Design

Nowadays, EMF bed canopies come in a wide range of designs and styles. There’s no longer any need to worry about how it’ll look in your home.

EMF bed canopies have grown in popularity in recent years. This ensures that there is a broader range of designs to choose from that will compliment your interior design choices.

6. Easy to Set Up

Over a decade ago, it could be difficult to locate an EMF bed canopy. Let alone find a way to get it hung around your bed.

Nowadays, bed canopies come with a variety of set-up features. These features are all meant to make it as easy as possible to get the canopy placed over your bed.

For example, many EMF bed canopies no longer need a frame. Instead, some offer attachments where you can hang the canopy from the ceiling. This allows the fabric to flow down and drape around the bed in a tent-like shape.

Other EMF bed canopies go over the mattress akin to a blanket and that’s it. You then crawl beneath it and voila, done!

7. Comes In Different Sizes

It used to be that a bed canopy came in a single size. That’d be the traditional design for a canopy that required you to own a bed with bed posts and railings.

That’s no longer true now. You can find some designs that act as partial drapes. This allows the canopy to fit nearly every size and style of bed.

More options mean you have a better chance of finding an EMP bed canopy that fits your unique needs and wants. You can choose an ideal design or even try combining two styles to create your own custom style.

Protect Your Sleep With an EMF Bed Canopy

Your sleep is important to both your physical and mental health. If you’re suffering from poor sleep, it’s possible it’s due to EMF interference. This is where an EMF bed canopy can help.

By using an EMF bed canopy, you can help to block out electric and magnetic fields. This radiation is present if you own any electrical devices, smartphones, or have electric power in your home. 

We are bombarded with EMFs on a daily basis in this modern age. Many speculate that this constant exposure to EMFs is detrimental to our health. To combat this, you can use an EMF bed canopy to help protect yourself against the radiation and help improve your sleep.

If you do get an EMF bed canopy, be sure to not forget that you must ground the material. You must ground the shielding fabric to remove low-frequency radiation from entering through the material. Grounding is essential as it forms a path to enable electric fields to discharge.

There are several options for grounding offered by EMF Protection. Be sure to browse our selection of canopy grounding kits.

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