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What Is EMF Clothing and Why Is It a Great Idea?

With the number of cellphone signals, waves of electricity, and amount of electronic devices ever-increasing all around us, we should be aware of the effects that those invisible radiations are having on our bodies. Protecting your body from those harmful shocks can mean the difference between health and hospitalization. 

Are you interested in protecting your body from EMF radiation? Let’s read how EMF clothing can help shield you in your battle against the invisible gang.

What is EMF?

EMF stands for the electric magnetic field or electromagnetic force, also known as radiation. It comes from a variety of electrical devices, microwaves, power lines, and even our cell phones emit EMF.

Many people will never even think about the currents and radiation all around them and the effects of EMF on their bodies. Over 90% of humans of a certain age own a cell phone, most of us have electricity in our homes, and nearly all of us live near an area where power lines and satellite signals are zipping through the air.

We may become increasingly aware of the dangers and start to shield ourselves by using EMF detectors, blocking devices,  avoiding certain areas and activities, and getting rid of things like our microwaves. But, what about shielding ourselves even more with the clothing that we wear?

Is All Electricity Dirty?

Without getting too technical, we will try to explain dirty electricity. Until quite recently, dirty electricity has either been ignored, misunderstood, or unknown by the scientific community.

With more and more illnesses popping up surrounding the possible existence of dirty electricity, it has begun to be a more studied subject and the issue is finally being addressed.

Basically, there are several different types of electric currents, and the electricity that radiates outside of the insulated electricity wires at a low frequency and high is considered a pollutant in our atmosphere.

Some of the electricity and radiation is more powerful than others. Certain types are referred to as ionizing radiations, and those are said to be the most harmful to the human body and the cells within it.

Does EMF Penetrate Through Our Clothing? 

Ok, let’s think about this for a minute. If cell phone signals can bounce from cell towers and satellites, and electricity can go through walls, don’t you think that it can penetrate through ordinary fabric such as cotton and jeans?

This penetration is especially true when we have our cell phones in our pockets all day long or we are in the city or other areas where there is a ton of electricity and phone transmission happening. 

EMF Clothing

Normal clothing material fibres such as cotton are made to cover our body, look nice, and keep us warm (or cool). They are not designed to protect against EMF radiation, the designers never even put an ounce of thought into radiation when designing and producing normal clothing.

EMF shielding clothing, however, is specifically designed with materials such as copper and silver which are woven in such a way that is still comfortable but that will block your body and your body’s cells from the harmful radiation that is constantly floating around in our atmosphere. 

Why Should We Wear EMF Clothing?

Radiation and dirty electricity are all around us and are impossible to see. Although, some of us are so sensitive to it that we can feel it even though it is invisible to the naked human eye.

These harmful waves can be very damaging to our health both in the short term ways and long term. 

Where and when should we wear EMF clothes? Well, we can block our homes with EMF blockers, special paints on the walls, and limit the currents running through our house, but once we step outside of those four walls we are immediately exposed to all sorts of radiation and would be protected with EMF shielding clothing. 

Types of EMF Shielding Clothing

No matter what your preferred style of clothing is, there is something for everyone in this line of EMF shielding clothing from ball caps to leggings. Protect your health and wellbeing with wearable EMF shielding garments from head to toe.

You are going to need to wear clothing when you go out in public, anyway. It might as well serve a purpose for a higher good.  

Hoodies and Hats

For cooler weather and the ultimate comfort, check out the EMF shielding hoodie. This long sleeve garment is soft and stylish and has an easy-to-pull-up hood for when you want to protect your head or cover your neck and ears.

About the hats- there are knit beanies for cold days or fashion statements that shield your head from EMF. Some people are very aware of shielding their head especially.

And for those warmer days when a beenie just won’t do, ball games, or just to cover up a bad hair day there is the baseball cap style of EMF shielding hat which has an adjustable strap and brim to block the sun, as well.


Now, what about your bottom half? EMF shielding pants are the thing that will complete your head-to-toe protection when you are going to be in places where the amount of EMF is high or unknown.

Comfortable pants like these leggings are perfect for working out at the gym, running errands, or just having a good pair of basic bottoms. Check out the shorts for cooler days, and the pants for your children, as well.

EMF Detectors

Would you like to know when there is a high amount (or any amount) of EMF radiation around you? Using an EMF detector in your home will alert you and keep you updated on the levels of EMF

You will be able to see when there is an increase in levels and be able to address it properly with blockers and EMF shielding clothing.

An EMF Clothing Wardrobe That Shields and Protects

To fully protect your body from the damage that EMF radiation can do, specially designed EMF clothing is a great idea and can help you feel more at ease about being in potentially high-risk areas. We are always here to answer your questions and to help guide you through the EMF blocking process whether it be with clothing, detectors, or paint for your walls at EMF Protection LTD.  

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