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Is Bluetooth Dangerous?

Bluetooth technology is a very convenient way of connecting devices without the need for cables. We cannot deny earbuds and other Bluetooth devices make our life easier. However, we should be aware that the EMF used to transmit signals could be as dangerous as the radiation emitted by your Wi-Fi or microwave oven.  There are […]

Do EMF Protection Stickers Work?

As the message about EMF dangers spreads around the world, the popularity of the products that claim to protect or remove electromagnetic frequencies from a given environment has increased. And as EMF protection experts, we often get asked about the effectiveness of EMF protection stickers and our answer is always the same, it is not […]

EMF Sensitive: How Does It Affect Me?

What is EMS? EMF sensitive or electromagnetic sensitivity is the name given to the condition suffered by people who in varying degrees are made ill by exposure to different EMFs (electromagnetic frequency) radiation coming from electrical devices. This condition is also commonly known as Wi-Fi allergy. The common belief is that unless a wire carrying […]

EMF Sleep Disturbance

Why So Many of Us Are Tired All the Time? In this modern world, we contend with many demands and stresses that are impressed upon us by everyday life where we time manage to balance work, rest, and play. As a consequence getting enough sleep becomes a difficult task and sleep is vital to recharge […]

What Are EMFs?

Electric and magnetic fields – the phrase may conjure up mental images of science fiction movies, but they are very real and a constant presence in our lives, whether we can see them or not. That being said, the public conversation on the matter is surprisingly quiet, with very little discussion on the health effects […]