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Live Happy: 5 Ways to Block EMF in Your Home

Did you know that electromagnetic radiation has been around since the beginning of the universe? Electromagnetic radiation, also known as EMF radiation, in its natural forms includes radiofrequency, infrared radiation, magnetic fields, and light. However, due to a huge expansion in technology in recent years, EMF may be becoming a problem. 

We can see the beacons of EMF radiation all around us in the form of powerlines, Wi-Fi routers, cellphones, computers, and other technological devices. It can seem impossible to escape these massive bursts of EMF radiation since it sprouts wherever electricity is generated. 

Can you block EMF in a way that works? Actually, you can, and it may be highly beneficial for your health. While adverse health effects connected to overexposure to EMF radiation have not yet been well studied, it won’t hurt to be on the safe side and protect yourself. 

If you want to know more about EMF radiation and how to protect yourself, keep reading below.

What Is EMF Radiation

It is believed that most EMF radiation is not dangerous since it is naturally occurring and has been around for billions of years. We can quite literally see EMF radiation in the form of sunlight. 

However, with the advent of electrical technology, there are more sources of EMF radiation than ever before. There is also not one type of EMF radiation. Some types of radiation are considered high-frequency ionizing radiation such as X-rays or gamma rays. 

Ionizing radiation can damage living cells and, luckily, is not commonly encountered. On the other hand, there are low-frequency non-ionizing types of radiation such as radiofrequency and visible light. These types of radiation are typically not harmful. 

EMF radiation is unique in that it is actually two broad forms of radiation combined: electric and magnetic. The majority of EMF radiation that we are exposed to comes from electric appliances. This means that this radiation is of very low frequency and not of much harm. 

Because EMF radiation is closely related to harmful ionizing high-frequency radiation, many may worry that non-ionizing low-frequency radiation may have adverse effects as well. Unfortunately, not many studies have examined this subject, so it is difficult to say what EMF radiation might be capable of. 

However, there are some groups of scientists that believe low-frequency EMF radiation can be a possible carcinogen. This means that EMF radiation may cause cancer in humans, especially when the EMF radiation originated from cellphones and computers. 

Cancers that may be at an increased risk of development due to EMF radiation can include leukemia and gliomas which are a type of brain tumor. Other adverse effects that may be caused by EMF radiation include headaches, trouble sleeping, dizziness, and memory problems. 

How To Block EMF Radiation

Even if EMF radiation is not harmful, you may want to be on the safe side. It may worry you to be exposed to potentially harmful radiation in the so-called safety of your own home. After all, you likely have plenty of EMF-generating electronics in your house as well as outside your house.

So, what can you do to build up your EMF protection at home? Fortunately, there are many options when it comes to EMF radiation protection. These include using an EMF bed canopy, an EMF shield, EMF-blocking material, and more. 

Using EMF-Blocking Bed Canopies

You may already be familiar with bed canopies. They are large pieces of fabric that drape over a bed and provide a sense of security from the outside world. 

However, an EMF bed canopy is no normal canopy. Rather, it is made from special material designed to block EMF radiation. This material is often made from metals such as Mylar, copper, and silver. 

You want to be comfortable in your own bedroom, especially when you’re trying to sleep. This is why an EMF bed canopy is a great idea. 

When resting under the canopy, you can rest assured knowing that you are completely protected from any EMF radiation. You’ll hardly need to worry about the electronics inside or outside your house. 

In fact, you might even find yourself sleeping better with your EMF-blocking canopy. This is because there may be a link between EMF radiation exposure and sleep problems. 

Using EMF Shielding Paint

You may be concerned about EMF radiation penetrating the walls of your home from outside. EMF shielding paint is the perfect solution. 

When using EMF shielding paint on your home, either on the interior or exterior, you can be confident that you’re protecting your home base. For best results, it’s recommended to paint the entire interior of your house to make sure no EMF radiation can enter. 

EMF-blocking paint usually contains metal such as nickel that functions to block the radiation. Different brands of paint may block radiation of different frequencies, so make sure you know what you’re buying. 

Using EMF-Blocking Clothing

The final layer of protection from EMF radiation is clothing. EMF-blocking clothing often looks like normal clothing but with extra protection abilities. 

You can find EMF protective clothing in the form of hats, T-shirts, pants, and more. They are made with ordinary fabric such as polyester along with EMF-blocking metals such as silver. They can be comfortable and safe at the same time. 

Wearing EMF-blocking clothing means you’re taking the safety of your body into your own hands. For example, when wearing an EMF-blocking shirt, your internal organs will be shielded against any EMF radiation. This type of clothing is also very durable and easy to care for. 

If you’ve already protected your home with EMF-blocking paint and bed canopies, why not protect your body with clothing?

Ways to Block EMF Radiation

You now know how paint, bed canopies, and clothing can all help block EMF radiation. You are also more familiarized with how you can protect yourself from EMF radiation. 

To learn about other ways you can protect yourself from EMF radiation, contact us here.

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