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What Is an EMF Filter and How Does It Work?

While radiation such as electromagnetic field radiation has been around since the beginning of the universe, did you know that we are being exposed to more radiation than ever due to electronics? While not a lot of research has been conducted to study the relationship between EMF radiation and human health, many believe that EMFs can be harmful. 

Because of this, many have taken to protecting themselves in different ways from EMFs such as by using an EMF filter. However, if you don’t know much about EMFs, you might be wondering what they are, how they work, and how a filter can protect you from them. Luckily, this article will lead you through everything you need to know about this topic. 

To start off, let’s take a look at what EMF radiation is and what kind of EMF protection solutions are available for you. 

What Is Electromagnetic Field Radiation?

It’s hard to avoid electronics these days simply because of how common they are. Almost every room has some kind of electronic whether it be a TV, microwave, computer, or Wi-Fi router. This is not to mention the many electronics outside such as cell towers. 

Anywhere you use electricity, EMF radiation is produced. Some researchers believe that these high levels of radiation exposure could be harmful while others believe we have no reason to worry. Whatever the truth may be, some people like to be safe than sorry which is why EMF solutions for protection have been growing in popularity in recent years. 

However, it is important to understand that not all EMF radiation is the same. Some forms of radiation are much more dangerous than others. This is because radiation exists on an electromagnetic spectrum which includes high and low-frequency radiation. 

What Is High-Frequency Radiation?

High-frequency or high-energy radiation is known as ionizing radiation. This type of radiation includes X-rays, gamma rays, and some UV rays. Ionizing radiation is very harmful to our health because of the way it can alter our cells on an atomic level.

Ionizing radiation does this by removing an electron from a particular atom which, in effect, “ionizes” it. By doing this, ionizing radiation has the potential to break strands of our DNA which may cause harmful mutations in our genetics or even cancer. 

Luckily, we are not often exposed to ionizing radiation. This is because electronic devices do not usually produce this kind of radiation. You would usually only have exposure to ionizing radiation when getting an X-ray and only for a brief period of time so you would not experience any harm anyway. 

What Is Low-Frequency Radiation?

Low-frequency radiation is also known as non-ionizing radiation. Compared to high-frequency radiation, non-ionizing radiation is very weak and can’t do much to harm us. Examples of low-frequency radiation include visible light, radio waves, and infrared radiation. 

When it comes to radiation that comes from human-made electronics, the radiation produced is extremely low-frequency radiation or ELF-EMFs. Not much information is known on how harmful this kind of radiation can be, especially in the long run. What we know is that it is much less powerful than ionizing radiation and likely can’t harm our health as much as ionizing radiation can.

However, if you want to err on the side of caution, you may be wondering what you can do to protect yourself from dirty electricity. An EMF filter might be exactly what you need. 

How Does an EMF Filter Work?

Luckily, EMF filters can come in many different shapes and forms, making them very versatile. Because of this, you can use EMF filters almost anywhere from your home to the workplace. You can get paint, bed canopies, and even paint that can block EMF radiation. 

There are plug-in filters which, as the name suggests, you can plug into any electrical socket. These filters are great because as soon as they are plugged into a socket, they create a barrier in the area that protects against EMF radiation. This works because of how these plug-in filters are able to convert the EMF radiation into a less harmful form of radiation. 

If the plug-in filter doesn’t sound attractive to you, there are plenty of other options, especially in the realm of physical barrier filters. These filters work differently than plug-in filters. This is because physical barrier filters do not convert dirty electricity but instead block it. 

Take EMF-blocking paint for example. If you have a cell tower or power lines outside, you might be worried about their EMF radiation entering your home. If you paint all the rooms inside your home with EMF-blocking paint, you will be completely protected from external radiation. 

However, if you have any electronics inside your home, the paint will not be able to protect you. However, you will be more protected if you wear clothes that protect against EMF radiation. Clothes of this type can be a great addition to your EMF-blocking arsenal. 

These clothes are usually made with silver mesh or have threads of other metals. These metals are so fine that they would not make the clothes uncomfortable. Silver is especially important because of how it is able to deflect EMF radiation. 

Protecting Yourself From EMF Radiation

By the end of this article, you should no longer have any confusion as to what EMF radiation is and what types there are. You should also understand what an EMF filter is and how you can use it in different ways to protect yourself. By knowing more about EMF protection, you can make sure you’re safe no matter where you are.

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