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Do EMF Protection Stickers Work?

As the message about EMF dangers spreads around the world, the popularity of the products that claim to protect or remove electromagnetic frequencies from a given environment has increased. And as EMF protection experts, we often get asked about the effectiveness of EMF protection stickers and our answer is always the same, it is not a simple yes or no.

As wireless technology adoption takes over the world providing us many benefits, it is also polluting our environments with harmful EMF radiation. The good news is that this is finally getting the attention it deserves. Physicians for Safe Technology have signed an appeal to the World Health Organization. They advocate for precautionary health regulations and warnings over mobile phone radiation.

Basic Concepts of EMF Blocking

EMF protection stickers or crystals and pendants are some of the products that claim to override powerful EMF with weak but biologically friendly radiofrequency. However, there is yet very little evidence to support that EMF Protection stickers work.

They could offer some short term relief from EMF, but don’t assume that you don’t need to take other safety precautions. Unless you minimise exposure to wireless radiation signals, you have no real long term solution.

If you could see the EMF radiation that your phone emits, placing a sticker on your mobile phone would not change the way it looked at all. You are still in the same harmful EMF soup. If you choose to shield your environment correctly the EMF soup disappears and you begin to live EMF minimised.

There are materials such as silver, aluminum and copper that do have the ability to block EMF radiation. These anti-radiation materials provide EMF protection by breaking up the photons as the radiation passes through.

Products that reduce EMF radiation should provide you with a shielding report that shows the decibels (dB) of attenuation. However, this is more common with anti-radiation materials such as EMF clothing or EMF fabrics.

The Technology Behind EMF Stickers

If the EMF sticker you are considering to purchase has no information about the technology providing the protection, along with studies, videos, or evidence, I would stay away from it.

If you want to achieve effective EMF protection, it is always a good idea to research the technology behind it. It helps to and understand how it blocks the radiation you are being exposed to. Plus you also have to be aware of the many fake products out there.

There are some manufactures of EMF protection stickers and crystals that are well-researched and have proven that their products work. The question with EMF crystals, stickers, pendants and other high-quality wave overriding technology products, is not only its efficacy but also if they can keep up with the ever-increasing wireless radiation emissions such as upcoming 5G technology.

At EMF protection we don’t support the idea that an EMF protection sticker can block or absorb radiation. It is a fallacy to think that a sticker could protect us when putting a cellphone directly against our ear.

Whole House EMF Protection

As mentioned before, EMF protection stickers or crystals for EMF protection could offer some short term relief. However, you need to take other safety precautions to minimise exposure to wireless radiation signals.

The only real way to achieve whole-house EMF protection is to install EMF shielding against ALL the EMF intrusion points.

Shielding with EMF protection fabrics, paint or metal will stop that radiation from entering your environment. And the best is you can test its shielding effectiveness with an EMF monitor.

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