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Why Should I Consider an EMF Home Inspection?

Buying a house is no joke, there are many things you should consider before deciding where you’re going to live. It is a standard practice to request a property audit to check any potential risks or issues that need attention before moving in. Many people in the modern world now, also consider an EMF home inspection or EMF survey because they are learning more about the health problems electromagnetic fields can lead to.

Electromagnetic pollution has not received too much attention when a real estate evaluation is performed. This has changed over the last few years. In countries such as Germany for example, it is fairly normal to call out a building biologist or electromagnetic specialist. A building biologist won’t just perform an EMF home inspection. They also deal with several aspects of environmental health such as mould or geopathic stress. Once they perform a full home inspection, they may give the building a clean bill of health. Otherwise, they’ll suggest the actions needed and provide a plan to make the property a healthy place to live for you and your family before you move into it. That’s been the case for a number of years in Germany.

Why EMF Home Surveys Should Be Part of Your Real Estate Transaction?

Concerns about potential health impacts of EMF exposure have raised questions about low frequency (LF) and radio frequency (RF) sources of potentially dangerous pollution at properties near an electricity pylon, phone masts or electrical substations.

There is much research now concluding the evidence that the electromagnetic frequency radiation they emit may be harmful to our health. This issue can be perturbing for anybody currently living or possibly planning to live in a property near power lines, pylons and substations – generally the closer you are, the higher the EMFs. Therefore, this property can suffer from reduced property value.

What Else Can an EMF Home Survey Do for You?

Besides the obvious potential EMF sources such as nearby high-voltage power lines, there are also less obvious sources of EMFs which can exist inside the home such as electrical wiring issues that produce dirty electricity. In fact, house wiring issues in your walls can often create EMFs that are much higher than EMFs from nearby power lines.

Luckily electromagnetic testing equipment along with the expertise of an EMF consultant can in many cases correct the situation. They will draw a house wiring diagram to identify sources of EMFs. This is why you should perform an EMF evaluation before buying or remodelling any property.

Starting with an EMF survey at any remodelling project is the best and most cost-effective time to implement possible shielding methods.

An EMF tester can help future homeowners with electrical wiring problems which can be detrimental to home inspection. An EMF survey engineer can help you eliminate EMF issues and boost home value.

EMF consultants in the UK that EMF Protection LTD recommends can help you assess an area using electromagnetic testing equipment to help you make an educated decision and exercise your right to choose what you want to be exposed to in your own home, building or office.

Why Should You Be Aware of Electromagnetic Fields?

It is needless to say that our environment and lifestyles have changed dramatically in the past years. Technology is impacting the way we live. We are constantly exposed to electromagnetic radiation emitted not only by phone masts, TV and radio broadcasting transmitters, radars, and wireless routers. We are also relying more and more on wireless devices such as printers, baby monitors, security systems, and appliances controlled with the latest mobile phone app. This trend is not going to stop and if you think that this will not have an effect on our health and development of our children, allow me to share some thoughts.

We are all electrically sensitive and if you have ever put your fingers in the power socket you will agree. For example, our heart is the most important electromagnetic organ. It produces huge amounts of electromagnetic frequencies. Hence you can control or restart or stop a heart with an electrical signal. In the case of arrhythmia, you can even change the rhythm of the heart using electrical signals. And if the heart is biologically active with EMF, the same goes for the brain. Just think of the dreadful old process of giving electric shocks to people with mental difficulties. So EMFs are indeed biologically active and therefore detrimental to our biology.

Why Does the Majority of the World Won’t Consider an EMF Home Survey?

People don’t usually attribute their health symptoms to EMF exposure. The majority of people don’t understand their headaches, lack of sleep or immunological disorders which could be the result of exposure to unnatural electromagnetic frequencies that our bodies weren’t designed to suffer or put up with for long periods of time. This is the fuel of the debate. Currently many health organizations and countries recommend lower long-term exposure limits and precautionary action levels because they accept that exposure to high levels of EMF radiation can be a cause of cancer. In the UK however, national exposure levels and regulation offer no biological EMF protection.

Why Do EMF Surveys Matter?

Of course, you should consider all aspects of a healthy home but at EMF Protection we believe that every potential home purchase or long term rental should have an EMF assessment of the area where you require to live. From there, the next step should be to consider what the levels or types of electromagnetic frequency are in your home. Having established that, you can determine if that home is viable or not for you to rent or buy. An EMF home survey will reveal what an EMF consultant can do to reduce those EMFs to a sensible level and create a low EMF environment in your future home by designing a mitigation plan.

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