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How Much Does an EMF Survey Cost?

An EMF survey is performed if you have a rising concern about being exposed to electromagnetic frequency radiation. An EMF home inspection will warn you of potential health problems by showing your house levels of EMF from your electric and wireless devices. Here we will explain some standard EMF survey costs and tips for understanding EMFs better.

An EMF home testing consultation on behalf of EMF Protection generally takes 2.5 to 4 hours, and you should expect to pay around £490 plus travel expenses for a complete residential EMF survey. This EMF home inspection is very thorough. An EMF surveyor will take measurements and map out levels of electromagnetic field radiation using different EMF meters. We take readings of both High Frequency (HF) radiation and Low Frequency (LF) radiation throughout the house as well as Dirty Electricity (DE) readings.

Low Frequency (often referred to as body voltage) readings include magnetic & electric field readings from home and office appliances. HF (high-frequency microwaves) radiation is created via wireless infrastructure so we check readings on your electrical wiring. We will also frequently take HF readings with RF (radio frequency) monitors measuring EMF from devices such as broadband routers, DECT phones, wireless speakers and baby monitors.  We measure them switched on and then repeat the readings with them switched off.  This gives a clear indication of the levels of HF being generated internally and levels that are coming into the property from outside.

We encourage homeowners to be present during the EMF survey to participate with questions, learn helpful tips, and understand the different EMF mitigation choices.

What Should I Expect From an EMF Home Inspection?

One of the most important aspects of an EMF survey is to see the levels of RF and LF in your bedrooms and suggest ways to reduce them to acceptable levels. We pay special attention to the sleeping areas because we believe they are the most important aspect of healing or living in an EMF world. One of the effects of EMF radiation exposure is sleep disturbance.  For this reason, we have meters that measure the amount of HF and LF radiation that your body absorbs when lying in bed.

As part of the EMF survey cost, we explain what the various readings mean. But most importantly we suggest the most effective measures to deal with the levels of radiation found in your environment.  These measures can include shielding a room with paint, floor mesh, shielding fabric behind the curtains and earthing the paint and mesh; or an EMF BlocSilver canopy with floor mat and earthing kit to reduce both HF and LF.  In certain circumstances, cut-off switches may be called for and it may be appropriate to switch off some of the fuses at night.

Our shielding recommendations are always based on high-quality cutting edge shielding fabrics and paints as supplied by EMF Protection Limited.

What Expenses Does an EMF Survey Cover?

The cost for a survey is usually around £490 plus travel expenses. However, if an EMF surveyor has to travel beyond 100 kilometres of your residential area, it needs to be paid for (50p per mile). Most use travel time plus mileage, gas, and tolls. If you plan to fly us to your city or country, then there are the obvious essential additions to cost. Airline travel, car service, local hotel charges, meals and the estimated total hours of travel time should be covered.

Which Professional Should Do an EMF survey?

All of our EMF surveyors are EMF specialists trained by experienced electrical & telecommunications professionals.

Our EMF Safety consultants receive in house training and therefore benefit from the experience gained locally and internationally by EMF Protection Limited. We have worked for more than 16 years securing homes and businesses from biologically damaging EMF emissions.  We do not allow our field agents out on the road until they know how to read, what to read and how best to mitigate EMF radiation.

How to Do an EMF Home Inspection?

Our recommendation is to always hire a professional to avoid an inadequate assessment with incorrect solutions. However, if you choose not to hire an EMF surveyor, there are ways to conduct the EMF survey yourself. You must have a good knowledge of how to measure and how to reduce EMF radiation levels. You also should know what level of importance to attach to the many different readings you need to take. Please don’t put your family at risk to save money.  Don’t forget you will need at least three different medium price range monitors to have any chance of assessing your environment with any kind of accuracy.  You can purchase  EMF meters in this section.


How Good Is an EMF Survey?

While most won’t consider an EMF home inspection, more people concerned about their health have found the solution to many of their issues once EMF was detected in their homes.

If you have symptoms such as insomnia, rashes, dizziness, memory changes or lack of concentration you should be aware that they could be related to radiofrequency and low-frequency radiation exposure. 

When moving to a new home or purchasing a house, an EMF survey is a great way to save you from having to spend more money later. An EMF home inspection will allow you to decide which is the best place to start a new life.

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