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Y-Fry WiFi Router EMF Shield Protection Bag




Our Y-Fry WiFi Router EMF Shield Protection Bag will lower your exposure to EMF. WiFi makes your life easier. You can get online from a coffee shop or from your living room. You are not restricted to a  computer that is physically connected to the internet. However, that convenience comes at a price. The jury is still out but many say your WiFi router is slowly but surely ruining your and your family’s health. In some parts of the world, WiFi is being banned and removed from infant and junior schools. Most people, though, can’t live without it. Thanks to the Y-Fry Bag you can dramatically reduce your and your family’s exposure to the dangerous wireless radiation.


Up to 2.4 GHz Routers

Simply pop your WiFi router into your Y-Fry WiFi Radiation Protection Bag and reduce your family’s danger from WiFi EMF. In the video below you can see the Y-Fry Bag at work reducing your microwave radiation exposure. You can choose your material type, too. Opt for New Daylite if you want a small reduction in radiation but a strong connection to your WiFi router. If your motivation is for your family’s health, go for the Swiss Shield Naturell. With Naturell you have a strong protection for 2.4 GHz routers but still get access to high-speed WiFi. Simply choose your preferred fabric (low-protection New Daylite fabric offers moderate radiation shielding but almost no loss of signal, whilst Naturell will dramatically reduce your WiFi radiation but also affect your WiFi signal range).

5+ GHz Routers

For modern high-speed 5+ GHz broadband routers, choose the BlocSilver fabric.


Which Material Shall I Choose?

The Y-Fry broadband router protection bag will dramatically reduce your family’s EMF radiation exposure. Designed here in the UK using Swiss Shield fabrics and our own BlocSilver, it is fully tested. Naturell will shorten your WiFi range but dramatically decrease your EMF exposure (up to 2.4 GHz). New Daylite offers a smaller reduction in microwaves (up to 2.4 GHz) but leaves your broadband signal almost uninterrupted. If you have a modern 5 GHz router, then go for the BlocSilver fabric.

How Do They Work?

All of the Y-Fry Bags work in the same way. They use a metallized radio frequency screening material formed into a bag. This specialized fabric will reduce the power, which means shorter range. Within this range, signal speed will be uninterrupted. If you ever need your WiFi in the garden, take the bag off! Place the bag over your router then pull the drawstring tight. Voila, your daily microwave radiation exposure is significantly reduced but you’re still online.

WiFi Router Radiation Safe Distance

Nobody can for sure say what a WiFi radiation safe distance is. Being as far away as possible, yet still maintaining a high-speed internet connection, is what you want.  That’s precisely what your Y-Fry WiFi Radiation Protection Bag does. It allows you to sit near to your router with minimized EMF radiation. Using the Y-Fry Bag, you decide how far your WiFi goes and how strong it is where you sit.

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Additional information


Daylite (Low Protection), Naturell (Medium Protection), BlocSilver (Highest Protection)


Small 25 Cm x 25 Cm, Medium 30 Cm x 30Cm, Large 35Cm x 35 Cm, Extra Large 40Cm x 40Cm

2 reviews for Y-Fry WiFi Router EMF Shield Protection Bag

  1. Gary B

    I bought a Bloc Silver Y-Fry WiFi Router EMF Shield Protection Bag and have noticed a vast improvement in my well being and the way I feel. I would recommend this product.

  2. Bernie L (verified owner)

    Finally a product that works as advertised,and not just a gimmick. This unassuming looking little bloc silver cloth bag is just amazing.Its cut down most if not all the bad radiation from my dual band router,whilst still having access to high speed wifi on both the 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz bands.It also keeps the signal just where i need it in the living room,move out of the living room no signal,Perfect.Add on top of that some of the finest customer support ive come across,an amazing company to do business with.Worth every penny

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