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EPE Conseil EMF Meter ESI 24

The EPE Conseil Indicator ESI 24 is a 3 in 1 EMF Detector. This EMF Meter detects Electric Low Fields from house wiring and household appliances. It can also detect Magnetic Fields (high voltage power lines, transformers) as well as Radio Fields from WiFi, cell towers, Bluetooth, and other wireless devices. It is an EMF radiation detector for high and low frequencies with enhanced sensitivity -50MHz to 10GHz frequency range.


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RF (WiFi, Bluetooth, Mobile Phones Etc)

Magnetic Fields, Electric Fields


RF 50MHz – 10GHz

Magnetic 16Hz – 3KHz

Electric 16Hz – 3KHz



More info

The EPE Conseil Indicator ESI 24 | HF+LF is a 3 in 1 Electro-Magnetic Field (EMF) Detector for all frequencies. EMFs are generated by popular wireless devices like cell phones, cordless phones, baby monitors, tablets, Wi-Fi enabled computer equipment, cell phone towers/antenna arrays, radio/television broadcast facilities, and wireless smart meters, among others. With this device, you can measure magnetic fields, electric fields, and radiowaves simultaneously.

The EPE Conseil Indicator is the top device of the HF+LF series and it is a compact meter with high-resolution HF-mode. It measures 3 types of fields: electric fields, magnetic fields, and wireless radio frequencies which during standard mode levels are indicated with each of its 6 LED lights ranging from extremely low to very strong.

It has a higher sensitivity setting for RF that includes sound with increasing field strengths so you can hear the frequencies. This meter detects at 50 MHz through 10 GHz. This covers FM radio stations, 3G, 4G, and many sub 10 GHz 5G signals.

The LF mode detects low-frequency electrical fields (LF) from 16 Hz to 3 kHz, low-frequency electrical fields (LF) from 16 Hz to 3 kHz, low-frequency magnetic fields (LF) from 16 Hz to 3 kHz. And the HF mode detects high-frequency electromagnetic fields from 50 MHz to 10 GHz.

The size of the EPE Conseil Indicator ESI 24 is 140 x 63 x 30 mm and weighs 140g. It comes with a 9V battery that operates up to 15 hours. A red LED steadily flashing indicates power is too low and the battery needs to be replaced. The device will switch off automatically after 10 minutes in order to save battery.