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EMF Sleeping Bag
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EMF Sleeping Bag




Our EMF Sleeping Bag offers much of the cell tower radiation shielding qualities and therefore improved sleep patterns of its bigger sisters, the cell phone radiation protection bed canopies, but at a much smaller financial cost and it’s portable too easily slipping into your suitcase meaning even those suffering from severe electro sensitivity can now consider  that trip away that they never felt was possible.

Our cell phone radiation protection EMF sleeping bag became an immediate hit when it was launched in 2010, and surprised us with the number of sales and favourable reports received.

Remember the skin of the whole body is an organ that receives and reacts to exposure of electromagnetic fields so the less an electrosensitivity or electrohypersensitivity sufferer is exposed then the better they will feel.

Our microwave radiation shielding EMF Sleeping bag is made from Swiss Shield Wear for the body and New Daylite at the front and top to allow breathing whilst fully enclosed but with a full zip so that you make the decision regarding how much of your body to cover up depending on exposure temperature and comfort etc.

Both Swiss Shield New Daylite and Wear are durable and washable but I would expect 40 washes to be about the maximum before replacing, making it not a product for permanent home use but for trips away meaning unless you are a real jetsetter, that you should get at least ten years use per bag.  So is it worth giving a financial commitment of less than £1 per month for peace of mind when travelling, I think so!

Our Blocbags come in one size for comfort.

2.5m x 0.9m
If you are electro sensitive, you can qualify for VAT relief on this product.  Please call our support team
Product Page - 2nd Image Sleeping Bag


  • Portable

    Great for RF protection when you are mobile

  • Lightweight

    This sleeping bag packs away easily for when you’re on the move

  • Made In The UK

    From High-Quality Fabrics

  • Breathable

    Made from lightweight breathable fabrics

  • RF Shielding

  • Washable

    Can be washed up to 40 times without reducing the shielding effectivness


What Fabric is This Made From?

Swiss Shield wear fabric for the sleeping bag and Swiss Shield Daylite for the head section.

Can This Be Washed?

Yes, however after roughly 40 washes the shielding effectiveness of the sleeping bag will be reduced.

What Size Is The Sleeping Bag?

2.5m x 0.9m

Does It Protect Your Head?

Yes, The Sleeping bag has a head protection section made from breathable daylite fabric.

Does it come with a warranty?

Yes, we offer a 12-month warranty. This does not cover against accidental damage or damage from over washing.

Can I return it?

Yes, we offer a ‘No Quibble’ returns policy within 30 days of purchase. Contact us for more info.

Do you offer support?

Yes, we provide free technical support and advice from experienced emf shielding experts.

Product Page - 3rd Image Sleeping Bag

Additional information


240 cm x 90 cm, 240 cm x 140 cm


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EMF Sleeping Bag



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