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Clearance BlocWave® 5G EMF Sleeping Bag Single 90 x 240cm

The 5G BlocWave® EMF Sleeping Bag is ideal to create an EMF shielding environment when sleeping away from home. It is made from lightweight breathable fabrics and it offers shielding up to 45 dB and conductivity. This sleeping bag will have you asleep in no time, even when facing most 5G scenarios.

Measures 90cm x 240cm



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Take your protection with you when you travel

Made in the UK

Expertly designed and created by our team of EMF experts in the UK

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If you want protection from EMF radiation while you sleep, the New Blocbag Sleeping Bag is a great solution. This shielded sleeping bag completely blocks radio frequency and microwave radiation, fully protecting your body.

If you suffer from EHS, an EMF sleeping bag is an alternative to an EMF canopy on your bed. It is also a great solution when you travel and want to have optimal protection in unknown environments allowing you to have a good night’s sleep while away from home.

The New Blocbag Sleeping Bag can also help you test how much EMF shielding improves your sleep before you invest in an EMF bed canopy. Getting an EMF sleeping bag would give you the same quality of sleep by blocking 100% of the radiation without a huge investment.

This sleeping bag is made from lightweight breathable fabrics consisting of 11% silver fibre and 89% cotton which makes it washable without losing shielding effectiveness up to 40 washes. It comes in two different sizes. The small size is 90 cm x 200 cm and the large is 140 cm x 210 cm. The Blocbag Sleeping Bag is manufactured in high-quality standards and it has a 12-month warranty subject only to manufacturing defects.



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