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Clearance Complete Canopy Grounding Kit UK Plug


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**We include a basic grounding kit with every canopy**

The complete grounding kit comes at an additional cost.

Basic grounding instructions:

  1. Unscrew plate and attach to corner of mat near the socket you wish to ground into.  The central screw will need to pierce the fabric so it is secured with the mat in the centre.
  2. Taking the grounding cable, attach one looped end to the aperture on one side of the grounding plate and using the screwdriver and screw provided, secure the loop.
  3. Taking the other end of the cable in the same way, attach the loop into the aperture of the grounding plug.  There are two channels, choose one.
  4. Plug into socket which does not need to be switched on.





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FREE UK Shipping On Orders Over £150


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