The Acousticom 2 by EMFields is one of the most popular EMF meters currently available. The device displays the peak levels of microwave electromagnetic fields from 200 MHz up to more than 8000 MHz (8 GHz) and is backed by a two-year warranty to give you peace of mind.

The purpose of the EMFields Acousticom 2 is to provide operatives with an affordable method to take RF measurements in the immediate surroundings and receive warnings. The product is smaller and lighter than the regular Acoustimeter and slots easily into a pouch, freeing up workers’ hands. The EMFields Acousticom 2 comes with several warning options. Users can, if they wish, switch off the audio feedback entirely and rely instead on the LED display. Users can also turn off the alarm in situations where it’s not required. 



RF Radiation. e.g. WiFi, Mobile Phones


200MHz – 8000MHz


±6 dB


What battery does this device use?

The Acousticom 2 uses one 9V dry alkaline battery

How do I use the Acousticom 2?

The Acousticom 2 has a single on/off button for all operations. Once the device is switched on it will begin providing both visual and audible readings.

Does this measure magnetic fields?

No. If you require a magnetic-field-measuring device, check out the PF5, also by EMFields.

What radiation does this device detect?

It will detect and measure high-frequency radiation emitted from all mobile masts, WiFi networks, DECT cordless phones, TETRA, smart meters and more.

What frequencies does the Acousticom 2 cover?

The device displays the peak levels of microwave electromagnetic fields from 200 MHz up to more than 8000 MHz (8 GHz)

How sensitive is the device?

The Acousticom 2 readout is sensitive to 0.01 V/m.

Does it come with a warranty?

Yes, the Acousticom 2 comes with a two-year warranty

Can I return it?

Yes, we offer ‘no-quibble’ returns within 30 days of purchase. Contact us for more info.

Do you offer support?

Yes, we provide free technical support and advice from experienced EMF shielding experts.


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