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The ERICKHILL RT-100 is the best value for money EMF testing device on the market today. It is recommended for those who want a rough idea of how much EMF is in their living environment, from appliances such as TVs, routers and mobile phones. These meters are also the popular choice among ghost hunters…

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Accurate Measurement: An integrated electromagnetic radiation sensor is included, capable of showcasing radiation levels on a transparent LCD digital screen post-processing through a control microchip. Magnetic field radiation can be tested using optional units mG/µT.

Sound & Light Alarm: If the test result surpasses the threshold (0.4µT (4mG) or 40V/m), the display will shift to red, the indicator will flash, and the buzzer will sound an alarm. In quiet environments, it’s possible to deactivate the buzzer initially to prevent disturbances to others.

Multi-functional: You can test for the average or peak (maximum) value, and a single key can retain the data for viewing. The sizable LCD with a backlight ensures clear visibility. The device automatically powers off after 5 minutes of inactivity.

Wide Range of Applications: Primarily employed in the testing of TVs, computers, printers, microwave ovens, refrigerators, cell towers, low-frequency home appliances, and ghost hunting, among other uses.


Technical Specifications

EMF Meter Technical Specifications

EMF Meter Technical Specifications

Measurement Range Alarm Threshold Resolution
Electric Field 1V/m – 1999V/m >40V/m 1V/m
Magnetic Field 0.01μT – 99.99μT
0.1mG – 999.99mG
>0.4μT / 4mG 0.01μT / 0.1mG