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EMF Filters Guide

Electricity has changed our lives, it is difficult to imagine a world without it but what most of us ignore is that just as it brings convenience, it brings about electromagnetic field pollution in the form of dirty electricity or dirty power. If you’re looking to cut down on dirty power in your home, one way to do go is through the use of dirty electricity filters.

Dirty electricity is produced by normal household devices because our homes have electrical systems that work under a specific voltage and frequency. During the power supply and transmission process, sometimes the power supplier does not match these frequencies and creates power interruptions or surges. This unbalanced voltage is known as dirty power or dirty electricity. These voltage issues prevent electrical equipment from working efficiently, resulting in power loss and shortening its life use. But the worse of it all is that dirty electricity could also disrupt your health.

Our bodies are electrical beings and all our cells and organs communicate with each other by small electrical currents. Dirty electricity disturbs these communications making our bodies vulnerable. There are several effects associated with dirty electricity such as headaches, lack of concentration, tinnitus, and other symptoms usually known as electrohypersensitivity or EHS.  These symptoms can improve by reducing dirty electricity levels. Therefore a simple solution is the use of EMF filters to mitigate dirty power.

EMF Filters, an Effective Ally Against Dirty Electricity

Dirty electricity has become an increased threat as the use of energy-efficient appliances and light bulbs becomes more popular every day. For most of us, exposure to dirty electricity is unavoidable.

EMF filters are an effective approach to dirty electricity mitigation allowing us to use modern conveniences in a safe way. By installing EMF filters in your home, you can significantly reduce the amount of dirty electricity, and therefore reduce your exposure to EMF radiation. 

How Do EMF Filters Work?

The function of a dirty electric filter is to stabilize the frequency, balance the current and compensate for the voltage. The filters discharge some of the dirty electricity present in your environment and bring your EMF levels down into a safer range.

The dirty electricity filters contain electrical capacitors that can shorten the high frequency on your electrical circuit. You just need to plug the EMF filters directly into your wall sockets. In this way, EMF pollution in the form of dirty electricity is minimised and your electric loss is reduced. A dirty electricity filter could bring you health and also potentially in some cases lower your electricity bill.

Why Do I Need to Install EMF Filters?

Dirty electricity is a form of EMF pollution that can be found on your home wiring especially if you live in an urban area, as it can travel from neighbouring homes. Also if you have a lot of electrical appliances at home, or live close to a cell tower, it is likely that your dirty electricity levels are high and you need EMF filters to mitigate dirty power.

How Do I Measure Dirty Electricity at Home?

Although dirty electricity is invisible to our eyes, it is real and therefore measurable. Before installing EMF filters you must first measure the level of dirty electricity in your home.  By using a Dirty Electricity Meter you can measure electromagnetic interference. You just need to plug the dirty electricity monitor into a power socket and it will immediately display total line noise in millivolts mV, in the frequency range 10 kHz–10 MHz. The dirty electricity monitor displays AC voltage and noise voltage by emitting a sound that increases according to the intensity of the frequency. The more interference the louder the sound. 

How to Use EMF Filters 

Use a dirty electricity meter with all your home appliances and other devices switched off and unplugged. Then compare the reading with everything switched on to identify whether the dirty electricity source is coming into your house from the outside or from your own wiring.

How to Achieve Best Results

If the dirty electricity source is internal, you can go through each of your home rooms and test dirty electricity filters to see the difference they make in reducing unwanted electrical noise. 

Use as many filters as rooms in your home or office. By the process of elimination instal filters where necessary, especially in the rooms where you spend the most time in.  If you have big rooms or several appliances producing EMF pollution, you may need more than one EMF filter per room.

What Are the Advantages of Using EMF Filters?

  • Installation is simple so there’s no need for expensive electrician service calls.
  • The EMF filters are portable so you can move them from one room to another. 
  • No need to change the line, easy to use, no maintenance.
  • Stabilize the electrical voltage and suppress the instantaneous current to protect the electrical appliances and extend the service life.
  • Reduce dirty electricity and properly protect human health.
  • Passed CE certification and Rohs test.
  • Environmentally friendly fireproof enclosure.
  • Long service life, the product is ready for EU, US and UK plugs.
  • EMF filters won’t interfere with the correct use of your appliances. 

Our EMF filters are suitable for homes, schools, hotels, office buildings and any other place where electricity is used. However, note that EMF filters are not suitable for industrial electrical equipment.

What Are EMF Filter’s Safety Precautions?

As with any piece of electrical equipment, you need to keep dirty electricity filters away from damp, stagnant water and flammable environment. And be aware that you should not disassemble the product yourself without the technical knowledge.

Final Thoughts on Dirty Electricity Filters

Unless you live without any electricity at all, dirty electricity is difficult to avoid. However, reducing your exposure could bring significant changes to your health. Therefore, investing in EMF filters is a great choice for improving your and your family’s quality of life.

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