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BlocSilver® EMF Protection Fabric – 150cm wide x 100cm long Staining

BlocSilver® EMF Protection Fabric is a light and breathable fabric that offers EMF shielding for a wide range of applications, such as shielded garments, curtains, and linen. It provides 5G protection with a maximum 56dB at 900 MHz GSM and a minimum 36dB at 40GHz. If you’re trying to protect your environment from the effects of Wi-Fi radiation, BlocSilver® achieves amazing blocking capabilities.

As with all silver coated fabrics, extreme sunlight exposure will cause deterioration.



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BlocSilver® EMF Protection fabric is a fantastic Wi-Fi blocker if you are surrounded by networks and it also blocks digital TV, DECT, Wi-Max, 3G, 4G and other wireless applications. It offers high protection – Attenuation: 10MHz – 40GHz 36-56dB. Being made of 100% silver fibre, it is also an antibacterial fabric and provides another layer of protection.

It is perfect for shielding windows and walls and great for lining hats and clothing or draped over the bed. The fabric can be sewn and washed on low heat, and since it is extremely breathable, it is ideal for hot climates.

1 unit = 150cm wide x 100cm long


20% double-coated silver, 80% nylon.

Additional information


100 cm x 140 cm, 200cm x 140cm, 300cm x 140cm, 400cm x 140cm

Shielding Report


Great value

BlocSilver has amazing shielding capabilities whilst remaining great value compared to other shielding fabrics.

5G Protection

Providing 34 dB of shielding at 40 GHz!


BlocSilver is washable but can only be washed up to 40 times.  Further washing and drying instructions are included with the product. See also our video: BlocSilver® EMF Fabric Washing Instructions | Washability Test


Provides great shielding whilst remaining breathable.

No quibble returns

Not happy with your purchase? Don’t worry, we offer a ‘no quibble’ returns policy. See our Refunds and Returns Policy.

Can be grounded

This fabric can easily be grounded.


What does one unit of this product measure?

150cm wide x 100cm long (3.28 ft x 4.92 ft)

How do I order longer lengths?

Simply add extra quantities of the fabric to your basket to receive longer lengths.

Can I return it?

Yes, we offer ‘no-quibble’ returns within 30 days of purchase. See our Returns Policy for more info.

Do you offer support?

Yes, we provide free technical support and advice from experienced EMF shielding experts.

Will this protect against 5G?

Yes, BlocSilver fabric provides 34 dB of shielding at 40 GHz!

BlocSilver Shielding Test (Video)