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What Are EMF’s?

Electric and magnetic fields– the phrase may conjure up mental images of science fiction movies, but they are very real and a constant presence in our lives, whether we can see them or not. That being said, the public conversation on the matter is surprisingly quiet, with very little discussion on the health effects of […]

How To Protect Yourself From 5G

The incoming 5G network promises reliable coverage and significantly faster speeds than 4G. However, to deliver these benefits of convenience and speed, there is a great risk of electromagnetic radiation exposure, which has been found to have significant health implications. Every electronic device from phones and computers to microwaves and TVs creates electromagnetic fields, with […]

What is dirty electricity?

What is “Dirty electricity is an anomaly caused by high voltage surges traveling along standard wiring that only has a capacity of 50/60-Hertz. Also known as line noise or electrical noise, it is an increasing source of pollution in the environment today.” What Causes Dirty Electricity? Electronics have become more advanced, and the standard 50/60-Hertz […]

5G Radiation dangers.

5G Radiation dangers. I’m going to try to answer very openly in one blog the three main questions I’m being asked about 5G Radiation dangers. Q1          Is 5G more dangerous to my health than other wireless technologies? A1           In truth I don’t know.  There is certainly more hype around the introduction of 5G than the […]

Welcome to the EMF Protection Blog

Hello and welcome to our refreshed and updated website. We love our new home and hope you do too! As part of our site refresh, we will be launching a brand new blog complete with EMF news and advice. to keep up to date with all our blog articles, sign up to receive updates when […]