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Swiss Shield Naturell 1 unit = 250cm x 100cm
(4 customer reviews)

Swiss Shield Naturell 1 unit = 250cm x 100cm



We have been the UK distributor for this fantastic EMF-shielding material since 2009 and it is by far our biggest-selling fabric, with many thousands of metres sold in lengths and bed canopies with almost no negative feedback and wonderful testimonies of lives changed. Made in Switzerland to the highest of standards, this mobile mast protection won’t leave you disappointed with your purchase, but if you were, our no-quibble full refund would be available.

Why Do I Need To Reduce EMF Radiation?

As more wireless technology becomes available, and with the release of 5G around the corner, it is more important than ever that we reduce EMF radiation – not only to protect ourselves, but also, and most importantly, our families. For more information about EMFs and why we should protect ourselves, click here.

How Does Swiss Shield Naturell Reduce EMF Radiation?

Similar to our other EMF-shielding fabrics, Swiss Shield Naturell is versatile and can be made into several different products, including curtains and even bed canopies, to reduce EMF radiation in any room. Not only is the fabric elegant – it can also drastically reduce microwave radiation from mobile phone masts, smart meters and other appliances. Drape it over your bed, windows or walls or however you’d like! You could even use this fabric as a blanket! Want to further reduce EMF protection? Check out our strongest EMF-shielding fabric here!

Are There Alternative Ways To Reduce EMF Radiation?

Yes! However, every individual is different, and some may be more sensitive to EMFs than others. We have a variety of products available to cater for every need.  From bed canopies, to mobile phone cases, to paint! Check out our new Y-Fry Bag for protection from wireless routers in the home! It couldn’t be easier to reduce EMF radiation.

Caring For Swiss Shield Naturell

This fabric is washable; however, it can only be washed up to 40 times. You will receive full care instructions with the product.


Here at EMF Protection, we know it can be tricky to know which product is best for you. If you have any questions or would like some advice about your personal situation, please feel free to call or email us. We will be more than happy to help!


Here is Swiss Shield Naturell in action!



4 reviews for Swiss Shield Naturell 1 unit = 250cm x 100cm

  1. Amazon Customer

    got this product over my bed canopy frame. fora better sleep without the rf from routers or cellphone emf. stops pelting energy of this unwanted and dangerous radiation. many thanks. now i can literally sleep better!

  2. Orange M

    It has a natural look, works fine.

  3. Lindylu

    Great product, works very well. I am very pleased with this fabric and shall be buying more next week. Highly recommended to all!

  4. Dale Raybould

    no doubt about it this material is not bad and does make a reduction, BUT if you have 6 on the acoustic meter coming through from next door tis a problem.. used y shield paint to reduce it to 3 then hung this over the top of it and boarded it in and got it down to an acceptable 0.1 so fairly happy. this product is better on detached properties where the signal strength is about 3 from outside..

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