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Faraday EMF RFID Shielding Tote Bag

Our brand new World Council for Health collection is now available! And this Faraday bag lined with shielding fabric is dual-featured:

  1. Carry your phone and laptop in it and reduce your EMF exposure.
  2. Place your car keys (keyless entry) in this bag, and the RFID-blocking lining makes it much harder for thieves to steal the information and your car. 


Make your life easier and safer with this innovative tote bag!

In stock

£29.99 VAT Excluded

In stock



These EMF-shielding, RFID-blocking tote bags are an innovative solution to a whole plethora of modern day concerns…

While they look like regular bags on the outside, this couldn’t be further from the truth!

Their super-power is the silver-woven fabric inner lining, which has incredible EMF-blocking capabilities. The benefits of this are two-fold:

Criminals seeking to clone and steal your data from your mobile phone, laptop/tablet, bank cards and car keys will be much less likely to succeed when the items are inside this bag. And you will be protected from the EMF radiation your mobile phone or device emits while they are in the bag.

To get the very best performance, we recommend closing the zip on the top.

These bags can be washed by hand at a cool temperature, but we recommend only doing so when necessary as it can potentially reduce the efficacy.

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