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Faraday EMF RFID Shielding Backpack

As part of our new World Council for Health collection, our dual-purpose backpack lined with RFID-blocking material will help you:

  1. Protect yourself from harmful EMF radiation from your smartphone or laptop, or any other wireless devices you possess
  2. Stop thieves from stealing your car key’s data and vehicle


This Faraday bag does everything you want it to do and more… Grab one today!

In stock

£29.99 VAT Excluded

In stock



While this may look like a regular backpack, its hidden super-power comes from the inner lining, which has EMF-shielding and RFID-blocking abilities.

This technology massively reduces the chances of criminals successfully cloning or stealing data from your mobile phone, laptop/tablet, bank cards, and car keys when stored inside this bag.
AND it shields you from the EMF radiation emitted by your mobile phone or device while they are safely tucked away in the bag.

For optimal performance, we recommend securely fastening the backpack’s drawstring.

Although it is possible to hand wash the bag using cool water, we suggest doing so only when necessary to maintain its effectiveness.

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