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BlocPaint™ - EMF/WiFi/RF Blocking Paint


99% Efficiency at 6 GHz!

Its correct use can block your neighbours’ Wi-Fi signals from entering your home whilst also preventing your own from leaving – a great security boost!

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FREE UK Shipping On Orders Over £150


BlocPaint™ – EMF/WiFi/RF Blocking Paint is an electromagnetic shielding paint to protect your environment against different forms of EMF radiation. Our BlocPaint ™ is a water-based carbon radiation shield paint ideal for shielding your home and those dearest to your heart. It is incredibly effective. Approximately 7.5 sq. m coverage per litre.

BlocPaint™ is a water-based electro-conductive coating used to reduce the transmission of electromagnetic radiation through large wall areas. This EMF blocking paint is effective against both Low Frequency (LF) and high frequency (HF) electrical fields.

Can Be Painted Over

If you are bombarded with wireless networks, this EMF blocking paint or BlocPaint™ will reduce radiation and Wi-Fi signals in the environment in which it is used. It is easy to apply and it has a coverage of approximately 7.5 sq. m per Litre. BlocPaint ™ can be painted over with regular emulsion without reducing its effects, below you can check the shielding report.

Blocpaint shielding report
Shielding Report
How to Shield a Room Step by Step Guide
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