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Dirty Electricity: What Is It and What Can You Do about It?

The modern human being is so obsessed with having access to fast Internet and all the latest electronics that we don’t even think about how all that electromagnetic radiation is causing us harm in the long term. In fact, electrical pollution from ‘dirty electricity’ is the latest thing to worry about.  If you haven’t heard […]

EMF Filters Guide

Electricity has changed our lives, it is difficult to imagine a world without it but what most of us ignore is that just as it brings convenience, it brings about electromagnetic field pollution in the form of dirty electricity or dirty power. If you’re looking to cut down on dirty power in your home, one […]

What is Dirty Electricity?

What is Dirty Electricity? Dirty electricity is an anomaly caused by high voltage surges travelling throughout standard wiring that only has a capacity of 50/60-Hertz. It is also known as line noise or electrical noise, and it is one of the many sources of EMF pollution in your home environment.   What Causes Dirty Electricity? […]