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Gigahertz RF Analyser HF35C

Gigahertz RF Analyser HF35C



Gigahertz’s most popular RF detector, the HF35C, is highly accurate, directional (as much as anything can be in this multi-source electrosmog world) and robust. Considering its technical capability, it is very reasonably priced too.
It’s ideal for shielding projects when mitigating mobile mast radiation or smart meter or DECT cordless phone emissions, as the accurate directional capability allows you to adjust your shielding plan accordingly. However, it doesn’t read high-band WiFi. If you’re new to this scene, I’d go for this monitor for your newly discovered microwave radiation shielding guidance and supplement it with the Acousticom, which, whilst non-directional, will accurately pick up anything high-bandwidth that the HF35C misses. If you can only afford one monitor, buy the Acoustimeter, which comes with LED readings that will help guide shielding projects and it will cover high-band WiFi emissions.


  • Highly Accurate

  • Directional


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