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Dirty Electricity Filter with EU Adapter


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This filter helps you reduce dirty electricity present on electrical wiring in homes and other buildings.

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What are Dirty Electricity Filters and Why Do I Need Them?

Dirty electricity (DE) filters are in my opinion essential in every modern home. It’s just a question of how many DE filters you should purchase, not whether you need them or not.

DE is a result of interference on the line. It’s a bit like the old analogue telephone lines that used to get a ‘fuzz’ on them.

In simple terms the interruption of the electrical supply by modern appliances creates a vibration or radio frequency that transmits EMFs into the environment around the wiring.  It’s a subtle but potentially dangerous form of pollution and there is much evidence of harm from high levels.

Modern Home EMFs

Modern homes are full of appliances that create DE.  It happens as a result of the interruption of the electrical sine wave via appliances that contain chips or power converters – in other words, almost every modern appliance you can switch on or off in your home.

Dirty Electricity Mitigation

The simplest thing to do is hire one of our rental DE Monitors.

Or if you order eight DE Filters or more, you can borrow a monitor for free. Once it arrives, take readings and simply plug in filters around the house until you reach the safe levels covered in the DE Monitor instructions.

A typical three-bed home would normally require around 6-10 DE Filters.


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