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Complete Canopy Grounding Kit


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Complete grounding kit for your bed canopy. You can select different options according to your needs to professionally ground your canopy, mat, or tent.

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FREE UK Shipping On Orders Over £150

Canopy & Mat Kit includes:
  • Grounding Cable 1×0.2m & 1x 1m
  • Canopy Grounding Screw x2
  • Grounding Plug
Just Canopy or Tent Kit includes:
  • Grounding Cable 1x1m
  • Grounding Screw x1
  • Grounding Plug
Just Canopy or Tent Kit with Blocearth Filter includes:
  • BlocEarth Filter
  • Grounding Screw x 1
Complete Canopy and Mat Kit with BlocEarth Filter includes:
  • BlocEarth Filter
  • Grounding Cable 1 x 20cm
  • Grounding Screw x 2
  • BlocEarth Filter


The BlocEarth filter ensures any ‘noise’ on the earth wire from smart meters, powerline adaptors and the like is filtered out and so cannot affect the canopy. This is the preferred solution, especially for flats.

Canopy Grounding Kit Step by Step Guide

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