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BlocSock Cell Phone Radiation Guard Jumbo (19 x 11cm)


Simple Phone Protection

Just slip the BlocSock over your phone with the shielding side facing your body

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FREE UK Shipping On Orders Over £150


This high-quality Blocsock EMF shielding mobile phone pouch is made in the UK with radiation protective material that will cover the whole of the front of your phone whilst you speak and reduce your exposure to harmful cell phone radiation to the brain by 96%. If you want to use a cell phone held to the head this is the only way we know to effectively protect your brain from the two kinds of radiation emitted by your phone. Also, you can use the Blocsock to protect your organs if you have to carry a phone on your person. It comes in different sizes, this one is 19cm x 11cm.

Further Info

If you are looking for ways to avoid radiation from your mobile phone the BlocSock is your answer. Our BlocSock anti-radiation mobile phone case reduces SAR by 96% but also protects from EMFs. It contains a unique shielding system that reduces all the radiation emissions from mobile phones that could be to blame for mobile phones being categorized as a Group 2B carcinogen by the World Health Organization. This is the key: since nobody is yet sure why there is an increased risk of brain tumours from mobile phone electromagnetic radiation, then any EMF emitted by a mobile phone should be shielded whilst retaining call quality. That in essence is what the BlocSock does!