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BlocSock Mobile Phone Radiation Case XL – 17 x 10cm

This high-quality BlocSock Mobile Phone Radiation Case is made in the UK with EMF protective material that will cover the whole of the front of your phone whilst you speak and reduce your exposure to harmful cell phone radiation to the brain by 96%. If you want to use a cell phone held to the head this is the only way we know to effectively protect your brain from the two kinds of radiation emitted by your phone. Also, you can use the BlocSock to protect your organs if you have to carry a phone on your person. It comes in different sizes, this one is 17 cm x 10 cm.

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If you are looking for ways to avoid radiation from your mobile phone the BlocSock Mobile Phone Radiation Case is your answer. Our EMF phone case reduces SAR by 96% but also protects from EMFs. It contains a unique shielding system that reduces all the radiation emissions from mobile phones that could be to blame for mobile phones being categorized as a Group 2B carcinogen by the World Health Organization. This is the key: since nobody is yet sure why there is an increased risk of brain tumours from mobile phone electromagnetic radiation, then any EMF emitted by a mobile phone should be shielded whilst retaining call quality. That, in essence, is what the BlocSock does!

An early testimony:
I don’t know why, but I recently had a concern about the fact I keep my smartphone in my pocket for a good part of the day. Was this a “smart” idea, or was there a potential problem with phone radiation? To address this concern, I searched for answers on the internet. There were a lot of contraptions, many of which seemed to be too good to be true. The one that looked the most promising was BlocSock, not cheap at $24 for the high-end model with the pouch, but it did say it blocked 96% of the cell phone radiation from your body by having special radiation-blocking material on one side, with the side facing away from your body regular material so the phone could still communicate with the outside world. Cheap eBay knockoffs had material on both sides, meaning when you put your phone in them, your phone couldn’t communicate with the outside world! Others did not have the testing results that assured how well the blocking material worked.
I read the very detailed SAR test report validating the BlocSock, which I found on this site.

I also searched around to see if cell phone radiation was anything to worry about anyway. I turned up enough information from a lot of different credible sources to convince me it was worth protecting against the possible damaging effects of this radiation. IF there is no real health impact, then having a protective device would be overkill, but I figured better overkill than discover in time people started developing problems as a result of heavy cell phone use.

The BlocSock came quickly, ordered from the UK which was sent Royal Air Express at no extra cost, and fit my Motorola Triumph perfectly.

They sell different sized BlocSocks in different colours, so if you order one, make sure it fits your phone. The Amazon vendor based in the UK, Cell Phone Radiation [now EMF Protection], was very helpful, answering my email promptly so I knew what model to order for my phone.

I noticed the BlocSock hardly added any bulk to my phone, and fit comfortably in my pocket. I have a Rocketfish RF-MTVT2SP protective gel case and thankfully the phone fits the BlocSock without having to take off this case. The BlocSock is very easy to use, and is quick and easy to take out and answer the phone. Again, if you get one, make sure the size you order is right and not too tight or loose. The pouch on the BlocSock is handy when using the phone to call people so the phone can be placed in the pouch between the BlocSock and me, protecting my head from radiation while still enabling people to clearly hear me and vice versa.

I liked the way BlocSock implemented this protection and the quality of the product construction, combined with the validated test results, so I recently ordered ones for the rest of my family. I think BlocSock is the BMW-class of what I could find for products that protect against cell phone radiation.

I’m glad I spent the money to get this protection. Again, I consider this an “insurance policy” and hope cell phone radiation is over hyped. However, mounting evidence seems to indicate otherwise, so I feel more comfortable knowing I’m taking proactive steps to protect against a possible health problem I and my family might face in the future from long and close exposure to cell phones close to the body and head.

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16cm x 8cm