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EMF Clothing

EMF Protective Clothing is an effective method for shielding your body from EMF’s. We have a range of EMF blocking clothing including Hoodies, Tops, T-Shirts, leggings and more. Our EMF shielding clothing range is a great way to protect yourself when you are on the road and maybe more exposed than you would normally be at home. You might have managed to reduce the microwave radiation at your home to a manageable level but as soon as you leave the house you are exposed again, this is where EMF clothing shines as a quick and most importantly mobile method of defence.

EMF protective clothing is an essential tool in the modern world.  Shielding your body from EMFs is no longer a choice, it’s a must.  EMF blocking clothing such as hoodies, tops, t-shirts, and hats will protect your vital organs from harmful EMF in the workplace, on the train or in the car.  Our EMF shielding clothing range will make life in the city possible again.  Since we live surrounded by other people’s wireless toxicity, we must shield ourselves and EMF protective clothing will reduce your overall toxic load and help you live a healthier life.  We believe our EMF shielding materials are the best in the world.  We have been in this business since 2004.  We know what we are doing!


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