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U-Silver EMF Bed Canopy With Frame
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U-Silver EMF Bed Canopy With Frame

Introducing our new U-Silver Bed Canopies, a more cost-effective canopy that still provides exceptional shielding.



Qualifies for full vat relief - click below for more info


Introducing our new U-Silver Bed Canopies, a more cost-effective canopy that still provides exceptional shielding.

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  • 35 dB Shielding

  • Easy-Assemble Frame

    Comes complete with its own easy-to-assemble frame, offering four-poster looks without the cost!

  • Great Value

    Our U-Silver Canopies are fantastic value, providing good shielding at a great price

  • Breathable Fabric

    U-Silver is a soft, breathable fabric, offering protection without compromising on night-time comfort

  • Quick Set-Up

    Get your canopy set up and installed in 30 minutes with our easy-to-follow instructions

  • EMF Experts

    We have been working in EMF protection since 2004 – we know what works and what doesn’t, so you can buy with confidence

Can I return it?

Yes, we offer ‘no-quibble’ returns within 30 days of purchase. Contact us for more info.

Do you offer support?

Yes, we provide free technical support and advice from experienced EMF shielding experts.

Can I wash the canopy?

Yes, it comes with washing instructions.

Can This Canopy be Earthed?

Yes, and we included a free earthing clip with the canopy.

Do I need under-bed protection?

This depends on your individual circumstances and levels of EMF’s in your home. We do include a FREE temporary under-bed mat for you to use and test.

How do I test that it’s working?

If you have an RF detector, then this is the perfect way to test the canopy. The second-best way is simple – use it! Just get in and sleep in it. Give it three days for the body to adjust and feel the difference.

Why is my canopy not working or making me feel worse?

1 The airflow is restricted: Open one quarter where EMF intrusion is weak.

2 Detox occurring: Give it time.

3 The canopy is not earthed properly: Check and secure earthing or replace with Swiss Shield.

4 The earthing is to an earth that carries dirty electricity: connect to copper pipe in the garden or replace with Swiss Shield.

5 There are gaps between or the mat and canopy don’t touch: Check & secure.

6 There are some manufacturing residuals: Air on a washing line or gentle wash.

7 Personal sensitivity issue: Replace with Swiss Shield. 8 Metal springs in the mattress: Change the mattress.

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