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NEW BlocWave EMF Leggings for Women

NEW BlocWave EMF Leggings for Women




Our new BlocWave range of hoodies, leggings and T-shirts is our best EMF protection clothing, and by a long way. Until now we have focused only on EMF shielding performance and rather neglected style, normality and desirability. Guess what – when we started to create the BlocWave range to attract a wider market we discovered a new fabric that not only looks fashionable but also outstrips all our former products in terms of shielding performance (57-65 dB) and washability. 

Seriously, go visit our competitors’ websites – they have nothing that even comes close to BlocWave quality and in some cases their products are 250% more expensive. How do you do it, I hear you say? Simple, we have been in the business of protecting people from EMFs since 2004. We have persevered, and won some battles and lost some, and now you can enjoy the benefits of our fantastic products, which always exhibit our fair pricing policy.


Blocwave Womens Leggings Black PNG


  • Up To 99% EMF Protection

    Shields the body from a range of radiation exposure from 30 kHz to 10GHz – up to 99% reduction

  • Naturally Antibacterial

    The silver in the fabric is naturally antibacterial

  • Washable

    Can be washed up to 40 times without reducing the efficiency

Can I return it?

Yes, we offer ‘no-quibble’ returns within 30 days of purchase. Contact us for more info.

Do you offer support?

Yes, we provide free technical support and advice from experienced EMF shielding experts.

Blocwave Womens Leggings Black PNG

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UK 4 Hips 33", UK 6 Hips 34", UK 8 Hips 35", UK 10 Hips 37", UK 12 Hips 39", UK 14 Hips 41", UK 16 Hips 43", UK 18 Hips 46"


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