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Large Faux Leather BlocSock (all Smart Phones up to 15cm x 8cm )



Are you looking for ways to avoid radiation from mobile phones? Well, here you can opt out of the mobile radiation and health debate. Our BlocSock anti-radiation mobile phone case reduces SAR by 96% but also protects from the electromagnetic field. It contains a unique shielding system that reduces all the radiation emissions from mobile phones that could be to blame for mobile phones being categorized as a Group 2B carcinogen by the World Health Organization. This is the key: since nobody is yet sure why there is an increased risk of brain tumours from mobile phone electromagnetic radiation, then any EMF emitted by a mobile phone should be shielded whilst retaining call quality. That in essence is what the BlocSock does!

SAR Results for BlocSock by RFI Global show 96% reduction in thermal effects!




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