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CLEARANCE iBrain airtube headset


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Over the 17 years that I’ve been helping people protect themselves from emf from wireless technology; a common question has been, “how can I safely use my mobile phone?”, my answer has been “there is no completely safe way to use a mobile phone as there has been no significantly funded and unbiased research into the safety of microwaves in close proximity to the brain”.

However, in this modern wireless world most of us have no choice but to use a mobile phone so here are my recommendations for safe cell phone use.

    1. When in quiet environment, place your phone about a metre away from your body you and use your phone on speaker mode.
    2. Carry your phone in a Blocsock with the shielding side of the pouch next to your body.
    3. If you need to make a call in a normal or noisy environment, I would recommend the iBrain air tube headset on this product page.

These safe cell phone headsets do carry microwave radiation as high up as the heart area on a human body but then the connexion to the head is via plastic tubes which do not carry the radiation to the brain.  For added safety around the heart area I would recommend wearing one of our emf protection vests, T shirts or hoodies to protect the heart from the microwave radiation carried by the wires to where the plastic air tubes take over.

More details:

  • Ear cap material: silicone
  • Earplugs material: aluminum alloy
  • Loudspeaker: dia 8mm;aluminum alloy
  • Sensitivity: 120±3dB
  • Plug: 3.5mm*4p
  • Wire length: around 120cm
  • Air tube length: around 17.5cm
  • Air tube material: PU

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