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Geomack G-Oyster Personal Energetic Vitaliser


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Thickness at thickest point: 2.4 cm (just under 1 in)

Diameter: 8.5 cm , 3 1/3 in

Coverage: Vicinity of the carrier


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FREE UK Shipping On Orders Over £150


G-Oyster™ is for for the new ‘ocean of electromagnetic pollution’ that modern urban society is ‘swimming in’ every day.

We now know that things that are invisible and imperceptible to us are not necessarily harmless.

Electromagnetic stress is often an unrecognized and undiagnosed factor in many ailments and slow recovery. Contributing factors to electro-stress include mobile phone masts, substations, pylons, DECT phone systems, GSM and UMTS mobile phones, computer equipment, household appliances, WiFi and Bluetooth systems.

The technology that is so energising for humans that is found in the rest of the Geomack range of Energetic Vitalisers has now been miniaturized into the G-Oyster – the smallest powerful personal Energetic Vitaliser ever.

How does it work?

The products interact with the natural electromagnetic fields emanating from the earth and create a charging energetic field that has the following characteristics: it boosts the energy levels of the inhabitants of the relevant property and this vitalizing field also neutralizes the harmful effects of natural electromagnetic radiation – geopathic stress (GS) – which has become distorted by other electromagnetic fields such as underground running water, underground cavities, certain mineral concentrations or power cables. Also, the energetic field emitted by the products very efficiently combats the effects of man-made electromagnetic pollution (also called electro-stress) caused by, amongst other items, electrical appliances, pylons, substations, mobile phone masts, computer equipment, mobile phones and DECT cordless phones. A draining environment becomes revitalised.

Will the strength fade?

No. Buying Geomack products is a lifetime investment and the efficiency will usually stay high.

The only exception to this is in rare cases when Geomack units have been working very hard against a lot of geopathic stress and/or electro-stress; then sometimes it is beneficial to ‘rest’ them to restore them to full working power. There is a ‘Simple Rest’ and a more efficient ‘Salt Rest’ procedure for each model. Since the instructions for these processes are slightly different for some models, we suggest you go to the model page of the exact Geomack model you have in mind and download the ‘User Guide PDF’ or ‘Installation Guide PDF’ to get the correct instructions for that model.

Please click on ‘Products’ at the top. Then you can click on the product page of your exact model of Geomack, where there is a downloadable PDF guide for that model.

How long before it starts working?

The unit will start to work straight away, combating both geopathic stress and electro-stress. Depending on the severity of the situation, it can take up to two months to clear a property completely of the old energies. This is because harmful energy can be stored up in a property like in a battery. Beneficial and charging energy replaces harmful draining energy.

What difference can I expect?

Many people have found that the general atmosphere seems better straight away and they improve instantly. For others it is a more gradual improvement, week by week, feeling more and more revitalised. If they have been feeling particularly unwell before getting one of our products, they generally tend to feel better and better during the first two months.

What benefits have people found when using Geomack products?

People report a wide variety of benefits from visitors feeling different when entering the property: a calm and more refreshing environment; waking feeling refreshed; more energy and vitality; improved recuperation; feeling less physically and mentally stressed; increased mental clarity; hyperactive children calming down; and greater harmony between family and colleagues.

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