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BlocSilver EMF Protection Fabric

BlocSilver EMF Protection Fabric

(8 customer reviews)

Do you want the strongest protection against EMF’s whilst still having a breathable fabric? Then BlocSilver is the answer, with 34 dB of shielding at 40 GHz! if you’re trying to protect your family from your neighbour’s WiFi, this is for you. BlocSilver achieves amazing blocking capabilities whilst remaining light and breathable. It really does offer the best of both worlds.

Another fantastic benefit of Blocsilver is that due to its high silver content it also an antibacterial fabric, adding another layer of protection!

If you have any questions about BlocSilver or EMF protection in general then please get in contact with us!

*Fabric will be cut in one continuous length. Add extra quantities to your basket to increase the length*


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100% Silver Fibre



Fabric will be cut in one continuous length. Add extra quantities to your basket to increase the length





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8 reviews for BlocSilver EMF Protection Fabric

  1. X is Tenshell

    My wife, who started getting serious breathing problems and bad headaches, believed she’d narrowed the cause down to radio wave transmissions from heavy use of her laptop and wireless router. I was extremely dubious of this being the likely reason, but I can only say that this fabric has helped tremendously. She has had no attack since using this product and, together with cutting down on her laptop use, appears to have her health back. I don’t believe there’s any placebo effect going on. (I am currently changing all wifi connections back to cable – which isn’t easy – that should also reduce the strength of wireless radiation in our home). When we were researching this phenomena, we were amazed at two things; how many people were getting ill and how little is said about these serious side effects. I can see this becoming a major scandal in the future, similar to our now enlightened view of smoking. We’ll probably look back at footage of people wearing VR headsets and cringe . . .

  2. Amazon Customer

    We live next to a GSM antenna. The EMF radiation level on my acoustimeter dropped significantly after shielding on of my rooms with this fabric. It’s kind of expensive but I think health is more important.

  3. Amazon Customer

    This is taken from an email I sent to the seller

    I got the fabric a little bit ago (the package took some damage in transit to the USA, but the material came through unscathed). It took me a while to set it up in a trial configuration, since it’ll be on the floor of my place under the couch and coffee table.

    If you remember, I have one of the 3 axis electro-smog detectors. Previously where I like to sit had regular bursts of ~25mW/m^2 or more, I think from my downstairs neighbor’s router. With this fabric in place it’s dropped to 2 or 3 mW… at the couch base. And that’s in a non-enclosed space! Just 6 inches away I’m still seeing the bursts.

    This fabric is fantastic.


    A little extra for this review, you DEFINITELY want a grounding cable. I have a kinda-weak grounding setup right now, and the way the fabric is laid out my heels can touch it, I have an all metal mac book laptop which actually makes a pretty excellent ground. I can feel a difference when I go to type on the laptop if my heels are touching the fabric (because the ground switches to me) so get a grounding cable and hook it up!

  4. RLF

    Covers bed between sheet and blanket – soon ordering a second one!

  5. Michael

    It reduces RF and EMF. I hand washed in cold water, no detergent or soap, when it first arrived. This removed a slight odor and did not impact RF or EMF blocking ability. It works and is a good value. Now I proved it works, I’m looking at a bed canopy.

  6. Chidori

    This is an awesome product. I tested with my acousticom 2 meter by wrapping it with the sheet and it completely silence it. So I install it on my windows, by layering my drapes. I have cell tower radiation coming in from the windows, and this did the job. On acousticom, it shows a reduction from .10 to .02 V/m.
    Also, the price is great for this product. Note, that this product will block out your window.

  7. Fernando

    It works very well.

  8. Karen

    I can’t recommend Cell Phone Radiation Ltd enough. They are, literally, life savers! Esther and team’s help meant finally finding solutions to my EMF nightmare. Great products, prices and returns. It was a relief to talk to a real person and get answers. A cell tower 100 meters away meant I was being microwaved in my own kitchen but until then I was overwhelmed; too much information, not enough answers; and EMF products on Slavery Inc (Amazon), like my meter readings, through the roof, Once Esther sent samples I could see my original idea, (to use S S Naturelle as screens) would not work; but the Bloc Silver (much lighter than the photos show; more light-tan stockings) would be perfect. I made “fly screens” for the 2 large windows, cost £100 total, and am totally stoked with the result. The readings have come right down; now 0.1, with 0.3 max surges. (previously 5. , with surges off the scale) – and friends didn’t even notice the screens were there. I can now relax in my kitchen, instead of being fried. It feels so good.
    My Blocsilver Window Screens

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