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Clearance Swiss Shield Ultima Dome Canopy Single


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This EMF bed canopy is in good condition and made from Swiss Shield Ultima which is composed of unbleached cotton with silver plated copper wiring cleverly interwoven for breathability and comfort. A faraday cage bed will restore healthy sleep patterns and rejuvenate your immune system by minimizing radiation from cell phone masts, Wi-Fi, smart meters, and other wireless radiation. This dome comes with comprehensive instructions and is really easy to hang from your ceiling via a height adjustable strap and screw fix hook which we provide. Swiss Shield fabrics can be washed on a delicate cycle and durability extends to 40 washes, provided the care instructions are adhered to.

*We have designed and manufactured this product in the UK since 2008 and received testimony after testimony of restored health, sleep, peace, and even life.

Wide-Ranging Protection

Attenuation: 10 MHz – 10 GHz 25 – 40 dB

Shielding range: 10 MHz ~ 10 GHz

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