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Clearance BlocWave® Reversible FlexiBloc EMF Hoodie for Men


Protects Against WiFi & Mobile Phone Radiation

**Clearance Flexibloc Mens Reversible Hoodie** 

The BlocWave® FlexiBloc EMF Shielding Hoodie for Men helps you protect against wireless radiation whilst retaining effortless style. No longer will you be stared at whilst wearing your protective clothing in public. Being enlightened about the dangers of EMF’s will not have to cramp your style. This hoodie is a must-have item if you know the dangers EMFs pose.

NB The dark grey option is one layer made purely from Flexibloc fabric.  The other options are reversible, composed of two-layers.  Flexibloc and organic cotton jersey.

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FREE UK Shipping On Orders Over £150


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